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Source for New MMD Models: MMD Newcomers on YouTube

Where can I download new models for MikuMikuDance? What is a good source for new models for MikuMikuDance? I want to get new models for MMD. I want to download models for MMD.

Source for New MMD Models: MMD Newcomers on YouTube

YouTube is a great Source for New MMD Models. Try searching YouTube for MMD Download or MMD Newcomers. The “Newcomers” category covers new models being shown (with many being available for download) and, also, MMD enthusiasts who are new to the MMD / YouTube community … though I think “new MMD models” is the correct use of that term.

REMEMBER the MMD Code of Ethics! Read all you can about the model designer’s permissions. Some models have restrictions for their use. Look for permissions to share, redistribute, or modify the models. The YouTube video where you see the links … does it seem to you that he/she has the right to give you the links you see there … do they own the models or have the authority to supply those links? Be strong “:o) … It is fun to get new models, but, for peace in the Community, respect the ownership of the designers and follow their wishes regarding the use of their models.


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