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Use Accessory Manipulation Panel Settings to Position Props

How do I use Accessory Manipulation Panel Settings to attach an accessory to my models in MMD? How do I get my model to hold a guitar? How can I put the Negi into Miku’s hand in MikuMikuDance? How do you use the AMP settings? What are those number settings in the Accessory Panel?

Attach that Banjo to your model using the AMP!

Use the Accessory Manipulation Panel Settings!

As an MMD Newbie I tried to avoid using all those complicated-looking settings over there on the right side of the control panel. “Who needs ’em? … Just attach your accessory to the Ground or to a Dummy Bone.” … That works for a while … but then you want Miku to hold that Negi … or you want Len to play the banjo! How can you get those things to “happen”? … Use the Accessory Manipulation Panel Settings!

When you first load an accessory, it arrives attached to the “Ground”. Often, you’d rather attach it to a model. So, load your model, go back to the AMP (Accessory Manipulation Panel) and attach the accessory to your model. The choice of bone for attachment is up to you … choose wisely! For my “Len Plays the Banjo” segment, I decided to attach the Banjo to his “lower body”. That way the Banjo will sway along with his dance movements. If I’d attached it to his hand, it would appear to be “glued to his hand” during the animation.

When I attached the banjo to Len’s “lower body”, the banjo flipped into place … but something didn’t look quite right!

Sadly, I had to learn to adjust the settings in the AMP!

Take a look at the grid on the floor. Each Square measures-off 5 units. In the XYZ world of 3D animation, you position things in relation to that grid. Changing that X value of 0.00 to a setting of 5.00 will move the banjo one whole square to the right. If you want to move the banjo up, enter a positive value into the Y window.

After thinking about if for a bit, I decided on these values to position the banjo on Len’s lower body.

After a few guesses, I almost had it!


(That position on Len’s model … I swear it said Lower Body as I attached the Banjo!) … THOSE are the numbers I used in my animation. Note that the value of Z at -2.00 only moved the banjo forward 2 units … not 2 squares … asquare is 5 units.

Also NOTE: The same kinds of moves can be used as you attach a dummy bone to your accessory.

Get Reggie’s BANJO from the LearnMMD Downloads Page!

Experiment with the Accessory Manipulation Panel settings. See the other AMP articles on!


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