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Use MMD Memes to get Motion and WAV Files for MikuMikuDance!

How do I use MikiMikuDance? What do I do first? How do I move my models in MMD? How can I learn Miku Miku Dance? What are MMD memes?

Use MMD Memes to get Motion and WAV Files for MikiMikuDance!

Internet memes (rhymes with “seems”) are a modern phenomenon where a simple idea is copied and posted to the web by an endless number of individuals … each adding his or her own slight twist to personalize their meme entry.  MMD memes are plentiful and a big help to MMD beginners!

An MMD meme (again, rhymes with “seem”) will usually include a list of sources and credits pointing back to the ORIGINAL video that kicked the whole thing off! By clicking around a little, you will find sources for the motion and music files … and links to sources for new characters and new models. By downloading those files, you will have source material for your own dances … and you can post your own version of the meme if you wish. Be sure to give credit to your sources when you use those files in a video.

Here are a couple of examples:

Search YouTube for MMD Tik Tok Meme

Search YouTube for MMD Everybody meme

You can learn a lot from downloading and manipulating meme motion files.
Have fun!


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