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Use YouTube Video Analytics Attract Maintain Viewers

Use YouTube Video Analytics to Attract and maintain viewers!

How can I use YouTube Video Analytics to learn how to make popular MMD videos? Is there a trick to getting YouTube viewers to watch my MMD video? How do I make a popular MMD video? No one watches my MMD videos.

Use YouTube Video Analytics to Attract and Maintain Viewers…

Entice them to watch your video

 …all the way to the end!

“No body watches my MMD videos.”

I know what you  mean! There is fierce competition to get MMDers to watch your video on YouTube. And even harder to attract viewers from outside of  MMD’s circles.

And it’s especially hard to make an MMD video that viewers will watch all the way to the end!

I have been on YouTube with my MMD videos since 2011. My videos have almost without exception been created to demonstrate the many MMD tutorials that I have written on … so, for the most part, they have not been very attractive or “fun” to watch.

Then, last year, I decided to Have Fun with MMD!

About a year ago I decided to create videos that might compete with the crowd of existing MMD videos. See my YouTube Channel and scroll down a bit to find my “Cry Baby” video. Not a great video, but a departure from my usual “demo video” style and the start of my new life of making creative MMD videos.

Not many viewers…

Without looking at the free YouTube Video Analytics, I was simply shooting in the dark; guessing about the why and how to make popular MMD videos.

See the views on my latest videos… more viewers in less time.

YouTube Video Analytics helps you to see “what works!”

I am STILL not rocking the planet with my videos, but thanks to the analytics, I am learning to make better videos.

The old adage, “Sex Sells” is a part of attracting the viewers; that never gets old.

But once I have the viewer… how do I get him to hang in there until the end of the video?

See the Analytics of my latest video. It’s only a couple of days old but is showing that I have made great progress in my studies! … it also shows that I need to create a better Thumbnail image in order to attract more viewers.

Thumbnail images… Yes!

After you have uploaded a few videos to YouTube, you get the ability to upload your own Thumbnail image. The “System” picks some thumbnails for you or you can upload your own image if you want to… and you DO want to!

Custom thumbnails… which of those video thumbnails catches your attention?

Properly TITLE your MMD video…

That title is EVERYTHING when it comes to potential viewers finding your video.

Miku dances to Really Bad Boy


MMD Rio Carnival Miku “Real Bad Boy” Download Links K-POP music

Again… which of those two descriptions seems more interesting.

I am surprised by how often “MMD” is not mentioned in a title… it’s gotta be there! … and if you can offer a download link, just mentioning “Model/Motion Download Link” or DL will get you many more views.

Everything about “being found” on YouTube comes from your title and description… be searchable.

Video Content… YouTube Video Analytics helps you to see how long viewers last… how long they stick with your video before they click away.

LEARN from what you see there… Why did the viewers give up so soon? Consider what the viewer wanted to see.

I, myself, can watch Miku hop-around for only a few seconds before I start to click through the video, hoping to see “more”. I am often gone within 15-seconds.

You have about FIVE SECONDS to capture your viewers attention.

I have found that in my videos, and in comparing notes with professional YouTubers, you need to grab your viewer’s attention within the first five seconds. I have always felt that a more “cinematic approach” would be to have an opening title screen and then a nice build into my MMD animation. But the viewer is there to see what you offered in your title and the Thumbnail image. If she doesn’t see it, right away, she will move on.

Compare This video, which has a few opening credit screens, with my Latest Video which gets right-into-the-action without wasting the viewer’s time.

Those are my tips for a Popular MMD video…

Have Fun with MikuMikudance!


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