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Using Beamman Particle-styled MME effects

How do I use the AuraParticle Effect? How do I set up the Beamman particle-style effects? Why doesn’t the Beamman BeamCharge Effect work?

Does anybody else have trouble
with some effects from Beamman?

Using Beamman Particle-style Effects

Well, not to worry… here I am with steps for


Step 0 – Download effect from Beamman’s effects page and drop all files into your Effects folder in MMD. See how to navigate Beamman’s page!

Step 1 – Attach to a dummy bone Via OP Menu

Attaching the effect to a dummy bone and the dummy bone to your model using the Outside Parent lets the effect be attached to your model, and yet you are able to set it down or transfer it to another model by undoing the OP when you are done with it.

Step 2 – in the AMP, set Tr and Si to 0.0

Step 3 – Register about 5 frames before you want the power effect with Si at about 0.0 … and Tr at 1.0

Step 4 – Register 10 frames after power up effect with Si at about 2.0 … and Tr at 1.0

Step 5Enjoy playing around with  the effect ^_^

Note: The BeamCharge effect is a little different- do not Register in MMD until you are at the frame where you want it to start due to the way it auto charges based upon the frame.

Here are a couple of my videos to demo the effects!


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