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Using The ObjectLuminous Effect in MikuMikuDance

How do you use the ObjectLuminous effect in MMD? How do you get model parts to glow in MikuMikuDance? What is the ObjectLuminous effect in MMD? LearnMMD MME Tutorials. Where do you download the ObjectLuminous effect for MMD DirectX9?

Get Glowing Reviews with the ObjectLuminous effect!

Have you ever watched those videos on YouTube and a certain part of the model or stage is glowing? This is done with the ObjectLuminous effect (It’s actually a group of effects). You can download the effect, it’s labeled as ObjectLuminousAfterGlow, at Beam-man’s site:

Now put this effect in your “Effects” sub file of your Accessory folder. If not, make one and put all your effects in it (If you do not have MMEffects installed, then see Noko2’s article about downloading and installing MME for MikuMikuDance). This download contains two .x files, seven .fx files and one READ ME file.

Basking in the Afterglow.

Open MMD and load a model as well as your motion data and WAV file. This would also be the time to turn off the display ground shadow option under the main menu’s view tab. If you forget to do this, the effect will also be displayed on the shadow.

To see this effect clearly, go to the Light Manipulation Panel (LMP) and slide all the RGB settings to 0. Setting the background (main menu) to black background would also help. Get yourself a pad and pencil too. Go to the Accessory Manipulation Panel (AMP) and load the effect. Now click on the MMEffect button located at the top right of your screen. Select the Effect Mapping option. Another window, with two tabs, will open showing the effect and the model’s name. This is the Main tab. The other tab reads OL_EmitterRT.

Now Here Be Dragons.

On the Main tab, select the model’s name then right click your mouse and double-click on Subset-Extract. A list of subsets and check boxes will appear. When you uncheck the boxes, certain parts of the model’s layers will disappear. If that is a part of the model you want affected; then note that on your pad and make sure to recheck that box. You never want to leave a box unchecked. The main tab is for exploratory purposes only.

When you’ve finished your selections, click on the OL_EmitterRT tab. You’ll now see the same listings as on the main tab. Double click on the appropriate subset name DO NOT use the check boxes. The accessory file window will open with a list of effects: CrossLuminous.fx; ObjectLuminous.fx; OL_BlackMask.fx; OL_MonoSelect_Blue.fx; OL_Selector_ST.fx; OL_Selector1.fx; and OL_SimpleSelect.fx. All of these will glow with different attributes, yet they all load the same way. You can explore these later, but for now let’s double click SimpleSelect.fx An error message might appear-just ignore it and click OK.

This is where it gets weird and counter-intuitive. In order to set the effect, you have to click on the Remove Effect button! (No. you didn’t misread that-just trust me) Do this for all of your subsets and then click OK. You may notice the some of these effects are much brighter than you may like. You can fine tune them in the AMP by registering these changes in the Si and Tr numeric fields.

It is really easy to get carried away with this effect. The adage of “less is more” truly applies with the ObjectLuminous effect. The stars of your film are the model and the action, not the effects.

The ObjectLuminous effect can also be used on stages and accessories. Imagine a scene where your models are walking down the street and the street lights come on or turn off. Another use for ObjectLuminous is creating a flickering neon sign. Subtle touches like this will give your movies a more realistic flair. Turning the effect on and off is done by using the Display check box in the AMP.

I recently uploaded a video to our YouTube showcasing this effect. It’s here: .

Have fun with this.


Default Animasa Haku; Chubby Teto and Skater Gumi by MotionMakerDiva.

Festival Stage by Harner Productions.

Motion Data: Clover Club.


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