Download VMDSpectrum Analyzer to create VMD files

How do you use the VMDSpectrum? What is this VMD Spectrum feature on the LearnMMD Stage? How do you use the VMD Spectrum Analyzer?

Using the VMDSpectrum Analyzer…

If you have taken a look at the LearnMMD stage, you would find a feature, the VMDSpectrum. The VMD Spectrum is an MMD accessory/model that acts as a frequency spectrum visualization; it lets you “see” your soundtrack. To use this feature the wave file will need to be put through the VMD Spectrum Analyzer to create the VMD motion data used by the model. The VMD Spectrum Analyzer can be downloaded from the Downloads Page.

The VMD Spectrum Analyzer will only accept .wav files that are 44.1kHz and 16bits mono/stereo. If your file does not meet these specification, you must change them through the use of an audio editing software such as Audacity; simply Open Audacity and “import” your music … then “Export” as a WAV.

Changing the frequency and format bit rate of the .wav file using audacity

Once you have open/imported the .wav file in Audacity, change the frequency rate to 44.1kHz from the project rate at the bottom left of the screen in the selection toolbar and change the format bit size to 16bit under the “Set Sample Format” under the drop down menu on the left of the screen where the track details are. Export your new .wav file.

Running the .wav file through the VMD Spectrum Analyzer

Once you launch the VMD Spectrum analyzer, load your desired .wav file you would like to analyze for your project from the open wav file, ファイルを開く(O), under the file menu, ファイル(F).

Specify the number of bands the VMD motion is to have for the given VMD unit (the specified band provision + 1) on the top left option of the program, バンド数. The LearnMMD stage VMD Spectrum has a provision of 10 bands, so you want to set this number to 11 (10+1).

MMD has an upper limit of 20,000 data motion. If your project will exceed this limit, the program will automatically create multiple VMD motion data files (you will have to load multiple VMD unit models, for each of the motion data created). On the top right option, フレームスキップ,  change the frame sampling rate to 5-6. If the program still ask to create multiple motion data, simply change the frame sampling rate to a higher number at which the program will not ask to create these multiple files. However, you can keep the value low if you would like

Verify that the base “facial bone name” matches what is given on the botton left option, 対応表情. The LearnMMD stage VMD Spectrum uses “band”.

Once this is done, save the VMD motion data from the save motion,
モーション保存(S), under the file menu,

Loading the VMD Spectrum motion data

Once you have created the VMD Spectrum motion data, load the motion data to the VMD Spectrum unit as you would any other motion data to a model.

Play the video and enjoy your creation.


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