UT Video Codec Suite v22.2.0 creates simple AVI video for MMD background AVI

What video CODEC should I use when I Render to AVI in MikuMIkuDance? Where can I download and how do I install the UT Video Codec Suite? How can I make an AVI video that MMD can use as a background video?The UT Video Codec Suite v22.2.0 can make videos that you can run as background AVI in MMD!

It seems like the Video Codec issue never goes away!

UT Video Codec Suite v22.2.0 …
creates simple AVI video for making
MMD background AVI

I have been “making do” with the tiny list of codecs available to me in my MMD. Today, I decided to find out WHY my MMD was not “seeing” the UT Video Codec Suite that I had installed last summer.

I could not figure it out… so I uninstalled that program from my system and started to look for a fresh download.


I downloaded the UT Video Codec Suite 22.2.0 from THIS page. The actual download button is not obvious…

Clicking that link downloads a 2 MB .exe “Installer” file. Run that file and, during the setup, be sure that the checkbox for “include in START Menu” is checked… That way, the UT Video Codec will start when you turn on your computer. … THAT was the reason my MMD was not “seeing” that codec choice: the codec program was not running. … (and actually, I could not figure out how to LAUNCH that program once the computer was already running!)

Go to your WINDOWS button and see your list of software. Scroll down to the UT Video Codec Suite and open the README-English. … There you will see the many parameters available to you:

Wowzers! … that’s a lot of choices!

As you can see in that chart, I made my decision and chose THOSE as the ones to try. They yield 8-bit RGB… I figured that’d be simple enough for MMD to read as a background AVI file… and… it WORKED!

When you get to the choice of Codec, you will see this drop-down list… and WAY down there, you will see the couple that I wanted to try

I saw a note, somewhere, that the T2 version was a little faster than the regular version… and maybe less quality… but that’s the one I chose and, if you look at that big picture at the top of this article, you can see that, for me, the quality is pretty good!

… and… MMD LIKED it!

After doing the Render to AVI, my finished video was “accepted” by MikuMikuDance as a background AVI… no conversion or anything!

So… That’s Neru “crashing” Miku’s video stage performance.

It worked!

Do your homework…

UTVideo is powerful stuff and MY use of it, here, just scratched the surface. Search the web for more info. See our 60FPS articles to learn THAT if you are interested.

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!



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