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VDE-3 Champion: CyanKuriboh


HI! I’m CyanKuriboh!

I totally enjoy MMD!

I have been doing MMD since early 2018. The way I found MMD is by the funny vines and memes people post on YouTube. I guess I really wanted to create a funny video with my favorite characters to post on the internet for people to enjoy.

Now a little about myself…

I live in the United States and I’m a high school student in North Carolina. I am a bit of an otaku and a huge Vocaloid fan! I also love playing trading card games.

My Teo Video entry featuring the song sung by Omoi…

The idea came up when I was just simply listening to the song one day not long after I had heard about the Expo. From there, my first attempt included a toon shader to imitate Project Diva : Mega39’s and quite a few other nice looking effects along with the LearnMMD theatre stage. Once I was ready to render the final product, MMD crashed and the save was lost. I didn’t give up! I went with a different approach. I decided to go with a different stage that more imitated a Vocaloid concert and decided to use Raycast. In my opinion it worked quite well.

My models?

For the model I decided to use Masisi’s models because I really don’t see anyone use that model type and Masisi is one of my favorite model creators when it comes to MMD models of Miku or the other Vocaloids and UTAUs.

What did I learn? … Save often!

Well I learned two things as I worked on this project. First, I need to learn to save my project often so I don’t lose everything in the case that something similar happens again! Secondly is… next time I should probably add more effects to the background and such so everything feels more alive. I will do that next time.

Final notes… Fun!

This was really fun to do. I really enjoyed it. I still have a bunch to learn though. I hope to use this experience to better my skills.

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!



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