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VDE-4 Champion: Beemz

Hello! I’m Beemz! I’m from the Philippines!! I do art and make MMD PVs as a little hobby of mine. I got interested in MMD because I used to love the game Yandere Simulator and I found a lot of these cool animations and I wanted to try it for myself! It was really overwhelming for me at first but I think I’ve got the hang of it, now.

I’ve been working with MMD for about 4-5 years. I’m mostly self-taught but lots of my friends helped me in improving and I’m really grateful for that. Learn-MMD was a god-send to me because I physically could not figure out this program, at all, and this website really helped me a lot!

My favorite MMDers at the moment are probably, Mikusaki (Their animations are so smooth and I’m in love with how they do their facials), The Soda Wave (Their videos are drop-dead gorgeous and I love their works, a lot), CrystalizedRain,(He does motion and model rips and he’s also one of my best friends and will always have a special place in my heart), Jomomonogm (This is one of the only times I can spell his name correctly lol, they create models from scratch! He’s really talented and also one of my best friends and I love him) there are so many more MMDers I love but this article would get WAY too long if I mentioned them all lol.

– Alright here we go! I wanted to try and recreate the Project DIVA pv of Romeo & Cinderella in MMD! It’s one of the most iconic Vocaloid songs in the entire world and I love it a lot. I found a remastered version of the song in one of the producer of said song, doriko’s, albums. CrystalizedRain gave an a cappella version which helped a lot in shortening the song to fit the diva pv… so thank you, so much!

As for the model, I found it on DeviantArt. It was made by the amazingly talented REMmaple. It tries to imitate the artist, iXima’s art style and I think the model looks absolutely stunning. The stage is ripped by Dan1024 from Project DIVA Future Tone, they have a lot of stage rips for dl in their account so I highly suggest you check it out! I had collected a lot of MMD models in the past (In total I’m pretty sure I collected around 100GB worth of models, alone!) I collected around 50GB worth of stages, too, but I deleted them all when I lost interest in MMD for a while.

The motion is ripped by FlyingSpirits-P (They do motion and model rips from Project DIVA and other games too!! check them out!!), the facials, hand animations, and the microphone were made by SEGA and CrystalizedRain (They do model and motion rips from various games so check them out!) and the camera is by Banitron, Flying Spirits-P and Dalton2192! (Dalton does Frozen and Project DIVA videos!! Their “Let it Go” animation, so far, is so pretty and so accurate to the original film! They’re really talented so please check them out!!). I actually did this pv multiple times, the first time I did this, MMD crashed and I hadn’t saved, so I lost all of my progress. The second one turned out better than the first one, though, so I’m still very happy. I noticed after uploading that the microphone Miku holds goes through her body a few times in this and it makes me want to die every-time I see it. If I were able to redo this video, I would have fixed the mic… and I would have added more video effects to it, too. Overall, I’m still very happy on how it turned out and I’m really happy that I got to be one of the winners of this competition.

– Going forwards, I would still love to make more MMD PVs!! I want to improve my skills to become even better in the future. I’d love to learn how to animate properly or learn how to model, eventually, if I ever have the time. Thank you for reading this article!n: Beemz


Have fun with MikuMikuDance!

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