VDE-4 Champion: Izzmations

[VIDEO DOJO EXPO 4] Unknown Mother Goose / flower Cover

I’m Izzmations from the magical land of Toronto, Canada and I’ll be turning 21 next month. I have been using MMD across different accounts (until 2013) for 10 years, which happens to be the same length of time since I discovered Miku and Vocaloid. For me, I enjoyed watching little web series people made with MMD… I ended up wanting to make my own (never did though). A lot of the MMDers I follow now either have moved on from the software or just post less often.
Currently, I am most drawn to Sour Xuan’s models.

I have uploaded many “deviations” to my dA page…

I enjoy creating images like these… CLICK for the full-size image.

“Toying with Vocaloid 5…”

As for the video, I was just toying around with Vocaloid 5 and wanted to go from there. I started working with Vocaloid in 2016 and while I’m still trying to figure out a sound style, I’ve definitely improved since then. It happened to be a perfect time to do a Wowaka cover with Flower since I still never made a tribute. For all the models and stages, I used to collect a lot of them, though now I’ve slowed down with my collecting. The newest model in the video would be the Flower Talk model. Every model and stage in the video was found on Gynoid’s download page, DeviantArt, and BowlRoll. The most I modified was the facial motion since I had changed the length of a few notes in the song to make it more stylized.

I enjoyed the balance of B&W with only a few color elements…

The few troubles I did have as I created my animation didn’t seem like huge issues to me. Some of the lighting I was having trouble getting into greyscale… but ultimately kept it in because I ended up liking it more.

I would definitely try and split up each scene in the future, I wanted to jam it all into one file and ended up having to re-render a few scenes because some physics bugged out. In the end, it came out as a video that looks like the style of video I want to make.

“There’s a lot I want to do…”

Looking into the future there’s a lot I want to do. I’ve basically developed the “Director’s curse” as I’ve heard it tossed around. Pretty much I’ll start a project and never finish it and a lot of times I’ll lose the files for what I last worked on, too. I do wanna try and do a video and distribute a motion for “YY” by 23.exe as well as remake some old music videos and work on recreating more scenes from “The Room”. Other than that, I do wanna continue pursuing drawing and making more songs with Vocaloids, especially with Miku NT coming out soon. Hopefully, I’ll make another music video with MMD for one of my own songs like I did back in September 2018 with “Lies” and I might remake the video for “Wishing Star” when Miku NT comes out too.

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!



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