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VDE-4 Champion: Pajamaje135

Hello, my name is Pajamaje135!

Here is my winning Video Dojo Expo 4 entry:


I live in North America and I have been working with MMD since late 2013 or early 2014… so it has been a while. I love the arts. I have always enjoyed Music, Animation, Drawing… you name it! 

I discovered MMD through YouTube…

I found a video on YouTube a long time ago and it was a MMD video (I don’t remember what the video was called) I really liked how it looked and I wanted to give the program a try. Funny thing is when I first downloaded the program, I almost gave up because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to move the view around. As soon as I figured that out, I published my first animation to my now old YouTube channel. Then, off and on throughout the years, I posted short videos… EXTREMELY inconsistently… and I found my channel to be somewhat dead when I finally “did” post something, a year later. So, I decided to create a new channel because I really wanted to start creating again. It was a rough start at first… but I wanted to try my hand at making motions. The first MMD video I made using my own motions ended up gaining 500 views for which I am very grateful, because it made me want to start making more!

2 Years later… 

I decided to enter LearnMMDs ‘Video Dojo Expo 4’ after I saw it advertised on their site in hopes of being able to better promote my newest video. I had already been working on this video a week or two prior to knowing about the contest so I thought it would be cool to see it on the front page of LearnMMD (if it won)… I was actually extremely nervous that it wouldn’t be chosen due to the fierce competition in that Expo.  

I wanted to create something that made the audience feel the emotion of the video, so I chose the song “Put it straight (Nightmare version)” by (G)I-DLE which they performed on the Mnet survival show ‘Queendom’ 

About the models for this animation…

For my models I created my own to match the people in the performance video. To go more in depth about the process of making the models… I usually use the same base for all my models; it is a TDA base I edited together years ago. Then I export it to the program ‘Metasequoia’. Here I created the red dress they are all wearing from scratch. The hair on the models I downloaded from the website ““and I converted it to fit the models in Metasequoia. From there I put all the parts I just made back into PMXE to start the rigging process. 

For the stage I attempted to create the actual stage screens in the Performance video and as for everything else… they are basically dancing in a huge dark box!

I took heavy inspiration from their performance video (which is here if you’re interested) to help shape my video the way I wanted.  

Thank you,…

LearnMMD has been such a helpful source to me because it has helped me figure out how to use Raycast, use different video encoders, figure out how physics works, and the list goes on… and I am very happy the site exists.

That’s it haha!


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