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VDE-4 Champion: Reona

Hello! … I am Reona…

I’m an MMDer who started in March of 2015. Aside from that, I’m a Math Major attending college in the US. What got me into MMD was the many hologram videos I saw back in the day when the diva-ripping community was still getting started and everyone used Meltling Faces lol. Working with people is something I love doing… and through that, I have learned how to do different things with MMD… making each video I create be something you can’t expect! Hands down my favorite MMDer is MataDere. They’re such a god at what they do.

My video…

I definitely pulled some inspo from 2mk, PizaCG and Zookin for this video because I like their style, but I wanted to put my own twist to that style to make it my own. The Motion, Camera, and Song are all from the Mobile Game, THE iDOLM@STER Million Live!: Theater Days, which i ripped myself. And… I’m not sure if other MMDers do this… but I go on Bowlroll everyday and look for anything interesting even if I don’t plan on making a video.

For the most part, I don”t plan my videos, I make it as I go and see what fits and then the rest is history.

As I worked on this video, while ripping the motion, the facials didn’t work properly so I had to fix them which took a while along with fixing the camera jitter. Also now looking back, the audio is out of sync and I wish I could fix it.

This tutorial really helped me achieve the 2mk style!

The future??

As of right now I have nothing planned other than my entry for the Next Video Dojo Expo… so look out for that! Also, I will be updating my own Raycast tutorial so it can be up to date with whats going on right now!

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!


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