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Video Dojo Expo 1 Winner: EmberAce216

Video Dojo Expo 1 Champion

Video Dojo Expo 1 Winner: EmberAce216
“really happy with my video”

Suicide Parade

Hello! I’m Rachel. I am 24 and I live in Alberta, Canada. I am so happy to be a Video Dojo Expo 1 Winner!

My MMD story

I keep my MikuMikuDance hobby mostly private from my personal life.

Back in 2012 one of my friends introduced me to Vocaloid and I fell in love! “Daughter of Evil” was one of the first songs introduced to me. I started to look online for more Vocaloid Songs and I came across MMD videos. I admired a lot of the MMDs I was seeing and I wanted to make my own.

I didn’t have a computer and I was still in high school. I watched a lot of videos until I started MMD, myself. I started November 5th of 2018. I remember that date because it’s 5 days before my anniversary with my Fiancee! It took me 6 Years to be able to make my own MMDs! My videos were really basic until I got a Beastly-powerful computer! I learned how to use Raycast on my own using YouTube tutorials and LearnMMD. I did a lot of practice and I learned most of it on my own. Once I started to get MMD friends, I got advice and helping tips.

I follow a lot of MMDers! On DA, Twitter and YouTube I follow a bunch of MMDers; some share my work and it has been super helpful and I appreciate every single bit of support I’ve had in my Journey!

Favourite model makers are

My Suicide Parade Video!

My inspiration came from a video I watched created by one of the people I subscribe too, EmuDea. I wanted my video to be different from theirs. I like to try to make my videos a little unique. The model I used is from one of my MMD friends, OPTERON PRIME.
I asked his permission to use his model in my contest entry.  The model’s name is Lady Mugen.

I have a big collection of models and stages! I hold them and I use them when I want to use them.

This is My Model Folder lol…


That WATER effect!

My video had its challenges. The camera Clipped through the stage. The water effect I was using was not big enough and it was painfully obvious in the background.

I was going to use Raycast Time of Day but I decided to use Time of Night, instead. I used the lighting to hide the fact that the water wasn’t big enough, and I added the blue filter in light manipulation… I felt it did a great job of hiding the water’s shortcomings.

I added PowerDOF As an extra thing to hide the water.

Interesting that all of those efforts to deal with that water effect worked to shape the “look” of my video. I like it!


I had to edit the camera motion I had downloaded… having to go through each frame making sure there was no major clipping. (People don’t care for lots of wall clipping.) That process took a while, it clipped a lot, but I loved the stage so I kept working at it.


I’m overall really happy with my video; the rain effects turned out amazing and the wetness effect in my Material Maps really helped make her hair and dress look wet.

Going forward I want to get better with my motions and my effects, and I think I’m getting better with each video!

Lately I’ve been working on making models. I have been practicing for a long time and it has taken so MUCH practice. But I finally have my own OC characters. I plan on getting better at it!

I just became one of the writers for! … I am so new that, as of this date, I have nothing POSTED yet… but I will be digging-into it real soon!


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