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Video Dojo Expo 2 Champion: MMDv

Hello, I’m MMDv.

I’ve been doing MikuMikuDance since 2017 (so that means it’s been nearly 3 years that I’ve been doing MMD). I run MMD almost everyday! Why you ask? Because you get to try to animate anything on MMD.

Okay, anyways, lets talk about me.

I love doing MMD. My favorite food is a hotdog, soup, etc. … And I love Vocaloid; I’m thinking to make my own song one day!

I really don’t want to say my age but I want you to guess, I’m in #th grade and some numbers to fill in the hashtag might be, 5 6 7 8. I live in New York (I don’t want to tell the place)… I would really love to live in Queens, NY.

What got me interested in MMD was how you can do anything on MMD! And you can even help OTHER people by showing them how to fix their issues and, so, get better at MMD! I learned MMD by seeing tutorials… but sometimes I needed to learn on my own. So, I guess you can say that I learned MMD myself. I also think that was part of my life on MMD. One of the MMDtubes (that’s what I call YouTubers that do MMD) is called Seto! I don’t really have any Favorite Motion maker or model makers (Yet…).

So about my wining video…

I didn’t follow another video as the inspiration for it, I just put it together on my own.  I downloaded the soundtrack from YouTube using a YouTube-to-wav software. I found my model and stage on Deviant Art (of course). I have been collecting models… so I will never need to go out and find them. (I don’t use most of them, just to let you know… but I have a large collection). Most of my motion files came from Bowlroll… and I find them from the videos on YouTube. Then I put them all together (with Raycast and other effects, of course.)

What worked well in my animation was that the Miku models I used worked so well with the background! I am very pleased with how they look! What gave me the most trouble were the MME effects I was using.  I have so many effects in my video and I wasn’t sure how to use a few of them. I had to fight back the trouble as I picked each one to see what works well in my video. I think the video is so cool and I love it because I tried my best!


Looking ahead…

I would love to make a huge MMD YouTube Channel and work to make the MMDC a better place. I’m thinking of making really realistic MMD videos (Raycast is hard to do you know T_T) and then learn from it to make an even better video!
… and I am hoping to learn Blender, one day, too!

What I will do for the next MMD Video Dojo Expo is that I will get better at MMD! and I will keep working on learning to use the effects.

If you want, check out my YouTube channel!

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!



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