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Video Dojo Expo 2 Champion: Turquoise Narcotic


I go by the ever-so-edgy name: Turquoise Narcotic… but Turquoise is fine. I’m in college currently studying Animation. Not your typical Midwest American but that’s where I’m from. I upload my videos from my warm cozy room in Detroit, Michigan.

Miku with a nice side of vocaloid got me into MMD.

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I remember seeing those low quality videos of Neru that were running on a version of MMD that could only load one model at a time. This was back in 2008; I wasn’t even old enough to have a YouTube account but I worked up some illegal internet magic to make one.

Figuring out what MMD was… and trying to download it… was a nightmare! I would spend long nights trying to find and track down this program. Western MMDC was not at all big back in ’08 or ’09 but somehow I figured it out, and I finally obtained MikuMikuDance that (as you may guess) did not work at first. I finally figured it out. I loaded up classic ole Animasa Miku, a low-polygon classroom stage I dug up from vpvpwiki, slapped that silly Hare Hare Yuki motion data on her and: I was ready to render, and… the video was purple :0. So because my aunt didn’t want me downloading strange obscure Japanese applications on her computer anymore, I got my own laptop that ran MMD straight out the box (Windows 7 master race bois) and the rest is history. … I went through the painful process of teaching myself how to use MMD; it was pretty hard to stay consistent. I was a child in middle school, between 12 and 13 when I started. I found the way… and I’ve been at this for 10 years, now. LearnMMD is quite helpful especially for MME. I like ureshiiiiii, I remember watching their videos back when they first started. Kio, despite not being active, is my favorite MMD modeler, lol that’s on period.

I’ve been dreaming of
making an MMD video for “Wilt”
for at least 2 years now…

I source my assets from Deviantart, Niconico and the beautiful remains of Vpvp Wiki. I also have hard drives with over 300 gigs of MMD stuff I’ve collected over the past 10 years. Everything was animated by me, so that was a trip. I ended up losing 8 hours of animation and somehow I corrupted a save file that I didn’t render yet. Making this video was quite graceful . BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE: my video drivers failed to work while encoding it.

My video… certainly proud of it…

The underwater floating works pretty well. I still need to work on interaction animation and being more liberal with hitting the I button to add more space in between key frames, but pretty good considering this video is 4 days of work. NOT nearly my best, but I’m certainly proud of it. The color pallet I used and the underwater concept was based off a beautiful picture I saw on Instagram. Originally I planned for this all to be centered around a car accident, but I figured that would be unpleasant and difficult to pull-off due to time constraints. MME is always a pain. SSAO and Tsumidango Miku do not like each other, plus SvDOF was giving me odd visual issues.

Looking ahead…

Despite my being busy with college, I always have plans for future MMD videos. Currently I’m an animation major… so hopefully all the time I’ve spent using MMD helps me out a bit.

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!


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