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Video Dojo Expo Five Entries… The VOTING is Done!'s Video Dojo Expo FIVE

Video Dojo Expo Five Entries… The VOTING is Done!

We had  these NINETEEN Entries!

Our competition got NINETEEN Video Entries…
…each hoping to be chosen a CHAMPION!

The deadline for Entries was Midnight on July 21st.
… and the voting was finished on July 28th.

The rules for this Expo were simple… Create a “Summer” video… any new MMD video created and posted to YouTube during our contest dates, and no later than midnight, July 21st. Only restrictions were no commercial entries and all entries needed to be family-friendly.

Results will be HIDDEN…
… until posted on July 30th!

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Thank you for voting… Check our pages on July 30th for the Final Results!


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