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Widescreen MMD “Kiss Me” animation too long but I wanted More!

Where can I download the Widescreen MMD “Kiss Me” motion files? What can I do to make these downloaded .vmd motion files look different from other MMD “Kiss Me” videos? Where can I find MMD motion files to download?

I, just this week, posted a new video and a tutorial about reviving this 10-year old MMD “Kiss Me” animation and doing so in a tall, narrow cell-phone screen format. As I created that animation, I was struck by how NICE these motion files actually are… and I threatened to, someday, produce a full-length version… well… here it is!

Widescreen MMD “Kiss Me” animation
is too long…
… but I found I wanted More!

Too long: over four and a half minutes!

Most of the time as I watch a YouTube MMD video, I have seen all I care to see after the first minute or so… I can usually tolerate only SO MUCH of Miku hopping around! … But something about this Kiss Me animation keeps me glued to the screen!

Maybe it’s the wild music… so many “instruments” and so much power… but I think it’s the really nice motions of the models that I enjoy watching. As you watch the video, keep an eye out for the many beautiful poses that we see on-screen. These motion files are very nice, indeed.


My cell-phone screen video forced me to manipulate the camerawork so as to show the audience all of the fine-points of this animation through that tall, narrow window. It was a fun project but, after the fact, I can see that I had short-changed the nice animation files of this dance.

With the WIDESCREEN, I can now show you the entire scene as it was originally created.

CAMERAWORK… Original file + tweaks!

I used the two dance-motion .vmd files without changes. But the Camera.vmd had some areas that I wanted to work on. The camera motion is very nice… but often shows a scene in which the camera doesn’t move… a couple of hundred frames of no camera motion. THOSE are what I went after… I like for the camera to always be moving, never frozen. I also went-in to get some close-ups when the original motion wasn’t “close-in” enough. … Like in the closing moments of the animation when the two models strike a pose… and the camera is far away. … I used that moment for a final close-up zoom-in.

MME Effects… Blackout3, Falling Hearts, SSAO, Autoluminous

I used Blackout3 to give me an initial fade-from-black and a final fade-to-black. I believe that THAT gives a nice professional look to the video.

Autoluminous is often a a required part for TDA models… and it is an important part in the “light features” of the Trackdancer LearnMMD Stage. I left the settings at full intensity: Si 1 and Tr 1.

SSAO gives a nice depth of color to the whole scene. I often use SSAO-Lite… but in this animation, I went all the way with SSAO.

Falling Hearts effect gives you… falling hearts! They rain down slowly across your scene. I adjusted the Si size to make them larger… and I adjusted the angle of their fall so as to get them to blow-in from below off-stage.

I also adjust the house-lights “Light Manipulation” panel to get the color and brightness of the main lights to fit my mood. Many MMDers do not adjust the settings in this panel… but it’s an important part of every animation.

A “happy accident”: that huge Miku image…

My original plan was to show the Cell-Phone video version of this animation playing in that background panel of the Trackdancer LearnMMD Stage. But, that Background AVI animation locked-up at frame 1279… leaving me with that nice Miku-portrait image.

… and as long as I did not close the MMD window, that image stayed in place there. … I found that when I SAVED and closed the MMD window… I could reopen that animation and the window would be empty. I reloaded my Background AVI and, again, it played up to frame 1279 and then locked-up… leaving me with that same portrait image. I decided to “go with it!”


… are all in the previous article featuring the Cell-Phone video version.

The beautiful models are hosted on dA, here…

ENJOY MikuMikuDance!

I hope you will give this MMD “Kiss Me” animation a try. It’s an easy project and these motion files are well worth your time to explore.

— Reggie


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