Respect the value of the MMD properties you acquire. Be a good MMDer and "Keep the Faith-MMD"

MikuMikuDance is Fun ... Let's keep it that way! Treat it right ...
"Keep the Faith-MMD"
Composed by LearnMMD's Reggie Dentmore
                                     in collaboration with Eric Adcock of

The rules for Good MMDers...

Do not edit models unless the author clearly allows editing.  This means, do not change the model's general appearance, do not change the model into another character, and do not copy parts of the model into other models.

Do not redistribute models unless the author clearly allows redistribution.  This means,  do not upload copies of models to MediaFire or other file-sharing sites and let others download your copies freely.

Do not trade or give away commercial models (for example, "Windows 100%" models), and NEVER sell a model unless you made all of it yourself.

If an author has put a download in a blog entry or on a special page, link to that entry or page.  Do not link directly to downloads unless the author does so first.

Passwords and password hints in video descriptions usually may be reprinted, but passwords and hints found in blog entries or other pages usually should not be reprinted.  When in doubt, do not reprint passwords.

When you use models, props, stages, effects and other MMD files, try to list all of the files and the authors of those files, in either your video or its description.  This is only common courtesy.

Do not use models in videos with graphic violence or explicit sexual content.  Most authors allow cartoon/slapstick violence, and many authors will enjoy adult humor within bounds—again, just use some common sense.  Your videos should be entertaining, not provocative.

NEVER use copyrighted characters in videos with political content.  (Unfortunately, most of those anti-SOPA pictures and videos broke the rules.)  This will upset some authors, but more importantly, it can lead to the character's owners issuing a takedown notice and forcing the author to withdraw the model.

Try to respect the wishes of the generous people who have shared their work freely with the world.  As some authors have said, let's enjoy our happy creative life.

MikuMikuDance is fun! It's fun to do the animation. It's fun to solve the many problems and create the videos. It's fun to make and share accessories. It's fun to go online and download new models. It's fun to use those new models ... and fun to post the links and share your new models with your friends on YouTube.

So ... Who Owns What?

We all know that anything we see online is up for grabs! It's easy to copy images and get the downloads. And ... sure ... if we would think about it, each of us knows that behind every image and file, there is a creative person, a fellow MMDer who put that image on the web for our enjoyment. By putting his files on the web, the artist is giving up all control over them. Thoughtful users will acknowledge that the creators still own their creations, as if they were copyright-protected ... and the creators are allowing us MMDers the privilege of using their files as our own.


Keep the Faith! - Respect Private Property

As you cruise the web looking for new models and accessories, respect private property.

Model makers and designers put their life's blood into creating their pieces. When they make their creations available for download, it's as if they are giving "gifts" to the MMD Community. The proper etiquette for their use
is not "Grab and Go!"...
                ... it's "Help yourself and say 'Thank You.'"

Read the READ ME files for the permissions granted ...

If you download a model, read the “Read Me” file inside your zipped folder for the author's instructions regarding use, modifications, and sharing/redistribution of his models. If you cannot read that Read Me page, do not share or modify that model. You can find instructions for Translating Japanese pages here:  Read Japanese READ ME Text Files with Notepad++, Google Translate

You may share the link to the pages where you found the link to the model. Without special permission from the creator, do not offer your own downloaded zip file to your friends and do not share it from your website. On YouTube, be sure to credit the source of your models: put the link to the creator's pages ... not a link directly to the zipped file.

Freeware – Unlimited Free Usage – Within Limits!

The creator of MMD, Yu Higuchi,
, has allowed the free distribution of MikuMikuDance for the world to play with.

What is not allowed is alteration of that software and redistribution of that altered program.

Animasa, the creator of MMD's default models, allows the alteration and redistribution of the default models that are included with your download ... but Yu Higuchi makes no warranty as to the usage of any altered models or of any of the online models you might download.

Make your own READ ME Files to track your sources.

See the article on LearnMMD by author FicticiousAnimation about creating your own READ ME files when you download something. You can drop that READ ME into the folder containing the new item and feel good knowing that your source info is safe. It's also been suggested that you might do a screen capture of your new item and drop THAT in there, too, so you can quickly check that picture to see your item without having to open it in MMD.

Be a “Good” MikuMikuDance User – Follow the proper Etiquette

It is so important that MMD enthusiasts stick together and work together ... freely offering their information, their advice, and their creations to the entire MMD Community.

Don't do anything that will create hard feelings between yourself and any of the many MMD creators who share with you.


There is a set of MMD Ethics that, if followed will keep you from stepping upon the toes of others in the MMD Community.

Here is a link to a page to get you started:

Webmasters ...
Bloggers ...
Take it from here:
Use this Seal to show that you Keep the Faith-MMD

This logo was created by
Reggie Dentmore to bring the activist's fist into the MMD world through the use of Miku's own hand and the ubiquitous Negi. Along with the fun of MMD must come the responsibility to "play fair" and be aware of personal property rights and artistic ownership of the intellectual properties involved. 

Growing Concerns Amongst Japanese MMDers:

The free use and sharing of models, accessories, and other MMD files ...

The Japanese have been crazy about MMD since 2008... and, as the founders of the “MMD Culture”, they feel some natural “ownership” of everything MikuMikuDance. They have created a fantastic body of work. They shared their information and their creations amongst themselves with only a minimum of out-of-country intervention ... and they created a set of ownership ethics and trading protocols in line with the Japanese respect for such things.

In 2010, the release of MMD 7.39, the English version of MMD, blew the lid off of Japan's nearly exclusive control over MikuMikuDance!
The Japanese find that their websites and their models are being devoured by a world of hungry MMD enthusiasts ... enthusiasts who are seen as barbarians, grabbing and using what they want without any sense for the proper etiquette of MikuMikuDance.

Some Japanese designers and MMD artists are removing their creations from the web! Many are asking for limitations on the use, sharing, and modifications of their models and accessories. ... More importantly: many new users are not aware of or are simply ignoring those limitations with the result being that the intellectual property of MMD creators, across the planet, is being, essentially, stolen from them!

Be a good MMDer ...
... Keep the Faith-MMD

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to "Keep the Faith!"

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