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Use PMDE to
Add/Modify/Manipulate your Model's Facial Sliders

By LearnMMD's
Silent Headset

Youmu  : Hiiro nee-chan is absent today, so we invited some guests over!

Matsu   : Nice to meet you. My name is Matsuri.

   I’m the newest member of Silent Headset’s OC crew.

Dai         : Daiyousei and Cirno, from Touhou Project

Cirno     : The strongest duo!

Youmu  : And now, let us start today’s article!

Cirno     : Let’s sing our hearts out!

It's an anime opening, try to guess what it is.

I think I'll take over from here... Hello everyone! And welcome to another article of mine. Today, we’ll cover the subject about facial sliders.

You know, the ones you use when you make your model blink, speak, and many other functions?

Facial manipulation panel, in case you forget

Open-up PMDEditor and let's customize your model by adding some more Facial options!

We will be adding more options to the lists. So double-click on that PMDEditor icon, and let's give our models some neat features!

But before that, a few words of warning you might want to keep in mind.

First off, make sure the model you’re going to edit is actually OK for editing. Many model makers do not allow their models to be edited, so unless your model’s README file clearly allows you to edit, please refrain from doing so. Keep the Faith-MMD!

Second, there are many methods you can use to create new facial/ expressions/ morph/ whatever you guys call them. But today we’ll cover two of the basic methods.

  • Part Manipulation Morph
  • Material Manipulation Morph

Yes, I made up those terms, myself.

Third, we will NOT cover the actual “face manipulation” like eye or mouth movements. These are actually quite hard to do, and since this article is intended for newcomers, I think it’s better to start with some “easy” edits.

Now, let’s start with the very first step, which is:

Convert Your Model Into .pmx

There’s nothing wrong with editing .pmd models. But the interface of the editor is slightly different between .pmd and .pmx models. So in order not to confuse anyone, let’s convert the model you’re going to edit into .pmx first. Of course, feel free to skip this step if your model is already a .pmx type.

Matsuri here is a .pmd type model, so she’ll be our example...

Youmu! Stop singing already!

Youmu  : Eeehhh??.....

We’re going to start the first tutorial!


Part Manipulation Morph

This morph is probably the easiest to make. You’ll use this to manipulate parts/ expressions/ a lot of other stuff on your model to make them smaller, larger, move away, etc. etc.

Basically what you’re doing here is changing the “shape” of the model.

It’s not hard at all.

Okayyyyy... let's move-on to PAGE TWO:  

Material Manipulation Morph!

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  • MameYoumu, Cirno, and Daiyousei by Nya
  • Snow fantasy stage by amiamy111 (dA)

Effects used:

  • Serious shader
  • Self Overlay
  • Falling snow (spakaford1)
  • Intensive Line (Masisi)

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