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MMD Bone Reference Charts make MMD Model-making Easier!

When making a model from scratch, knowing what to name your bones is one of the most important parts. That’s what makes it so frustrating when the only references you can find are hidden in the comments of a submission on deviantArt . . . or worse, hidden in a file on someone’s stash where you can’t favorite it.

MMD Bone Reference Charts
make MMD Model-making that much easier!

To remedy this, I’m plopping down the bones right here.

List of All Required Bones

Japanese Name English Name
全ての親 mother
グルーブ groove
センター center
上半身 upper body
左目 eye L
下半身 lower body
左肩 shoulder L
左腕 arm L
左ひじ elbow L
左手首 wrist L
左親指1 thumb1L
左親指2 thumb2L
左人指1 fore1L
左人指2 fore2L
左人指3 fore3L
左中指1 middle1L
左中指2 middle2L
左中指3 middle3L
左薬指1 third1L
左薬指2 third2L
左薬指3 third3L
左小指1 little1L
左小指2 little2L
左小指3 little3L
左足 legL
左ひざ kneeL
左足首 ankleL
両目 eyes


After creating those bones, you are able to mirror them . . . given your model is symmetrical. If your model is not symmetrical, you will also need to add the bones from the right side of the body.

Japanese Name English Name
右目 eye R
右肩 shoulderR
右腕 armR
右ひじ elbowR
右手首 wristR
右親指1 thumb1R
右親指2 thumb2R
右人指1 fore1R
右人指2 fore2R
右人指3 fore3R
右中指1 middle1R
右中指2 middle2R
右中指3 middle3R
右薬指1 third1R
右薬指2 third2R
右薬指3 third3R
右小指1 little1R
右小指2 little2R
右小指3 little3R
右足 legR
右ひざ kneeR
右足首 ankleR

IK Bones are rather important, but there are only four you absolutely need.

Japanese Name English Name
左足IK leg IK L
左つま先IK toe IK L
右足IK leg IK R
右つま先IK toe IK R

To figure out the best placement of the bones, it is a good idea to study a model. Be warned that the older a model is, the less likely that the bones are perfect. The Groove Bone is a relatively recent invention.

This list only truly works with PMX Editor. With PMD models, you were required to have hidden bones. Not so with PMX models.


It’s extremely important to sanitize your display panel. That is only possible with a correct list of the bone groups. The only list I could find was hidden in someone’s Stash. That meant that I was unable to favorite it to track it down easily . . . so I had to bookmark it. While that list has all of the bones that are contained in that specific group, I’m sure most people can figure out what bones go in the arm group. For that reason, I’m keeping it simple and only posting the names and notes for the groups that make less sense.


List of Bone Groups

Japanese Name English Name Notes
Root Root  Only  “全ての親” is included
表情 Exp All Facial Morphs
IK IK All IK Bones
センター Center Waist is also included
体(上) Upper Body Head and Neck are also included
体(下) Lower Body Only Lower Body is included
Legs Leg IK are in IK
その他 Others Eyes, teeth, and tongue are included
Hair All Hair Bones
スカート Skirt All Skirt Bones


I hope this was helpful – I know that I would have been a lot happier while making my first model if I had found this handy page!


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