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The MMD 7.39 BONE MENU Options

The MMD 7.39 BONE MENU Options

This article is OBSOLETE. It was written in the era of MMD 7.39 and no longer applies to the newer versions of MikuMikuDance.

X, Y, Z VALUE TO 0: Moves the selected bone to the Zero Position.

ROTATION DEGREE TO 0: Rotates the selected bone to the Zero Position.

NUMERIC INPUT: Allows you to move the selected bone to specific coordinates. X and Z Values: a setting of 5 moves the bone one grid-line on the coordinate grid.

MODE: GLOBAL/LOCAL: The G key on the keyboard toggles the Global/Local function. You can see which mode you are in as displayed above the XYZ Rollers on the right of the Stage. As of this writing, I do not see any value to this function. Please email me with the info if you understand the Global/Local modes.

Click aa1 MENU Option Descriptions in the Contents section to see all of my Menu Option write-ups.

Please email me, Reggie Dentmore, if you have questions. I learn more as I research the answers to your questions.


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