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Updating the Codecs for MikuMikuDance’s Latest Versions

I keep getting a “Cannot open AVI” error message in MikuMikuDance. Why does the new version of MMD render so badly? Where can I update my codecs for Windows? MMD AVI rendering Tutorial?

Avoid Rendering Problems-Update your Codecs!

Things have been really busy here at LearnMMD labs! At the time of this writing there have been several new versions of MikuMikuDance (ver. 7.94 – ver. 7.98)! When I tried out version 7.94, it rendered horribly! The end result was very grainy and pixellated. I kept wanting to blame the new version when it dawned on me that I should check and see if there was an updated codec pack for Windows 7 and the latest version of ffdshow. After I had installed these codec packs, it solved that rendering problem!

 Codecs are a type of software that allow your computer to play your media. What we commonly say as  “.AVI format” is actually inaccurate. .AVI (Audio Visual Interleave) is a container for your media and requires codecs for your computer to decompress and play it.

You can download the Windows 7 Codec Pack from and ffdshow from I download both because I like flexibility and options (That’s just me). If you are running a different version of Windows then you should download the pack that is appropriate for your system. The links are here:

Windows 7 Codec Pack:


Let’s Get Ready to Render!

Once you have updated your codecs, you may now render your work. My highly esteemed collegue, FicticiousAnimation (FA),  has an excellent tutorial about rendering in High Definition. It’s here: Please check it out.

Updating your codecs will allow you to not just render properly but also play background .AVI’s. Last year I had written an article about using this feature to create motion data. ( ) It can help you out no matter what version of MMD you use. I should warn you that older versions of Windows will probably have limited codec packs available for that operating system. It is still an option worth exploring.

Have fun with this.

Model: Animasa Rin
Yume Nikki Bedroom by Amiamy111
Chair and table by Yuduki
Laptop by K-chan619
Effects: Adult shader, o_Selfoverlay, and SSAO.


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