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Adding Parts in PMDEditor is Easier than you think! MMD 7.39

How do you use PMD Editor in MikuMikuDance 7.39? How can you add parts to your MMD models? How can you make new models for MikuMikuDance 7.39? Use PMDE to make a new model!

You may think adding parts in PMDEditor is out of your reach, but it’s easier than you think!

First … download English PMDEditor here:

Open up PMDEditor, then go into PMDView, which is the large window where the model shows up. Go into the View tab, then select Vert/Material. A window should pop up. Select MA. Your model’s layers will appear here. Now go into the View tab again and select Obj Controls. Another window should pop up with Z, Y, and X on it. These are the controls you will use to move the different parts of the model.

Let’s get started!

MMDMall is a place that you can find all the things you need for this project. You can find this popular group here:

Go into the gallery and find the Bases folder. What is a base? It’s basically a model with no clothes or hair and it’s used as the start of a model. Select one model and download it. I’m using my favorite Piron base because I LOVE PIRON. If you want to use it too, it’s here: Unfortunately, it’s a RAR file, but you can turn it into a Zip here:

 Editor’s note: No need to convert a RAR into a ZIP file. An excellent method for opening Japanese files is outlined in this article on LearnMMD: Bandizip keeps Japanese file names intact.

Unzip the file and copy everything in there. It doesn’t matter if it’s the model, the textures, or the .sph files. Copy it all! Then, in a separate window, make a folder for your model. Name it “First MMD Model”. Then, go into it and paste all the model stuff!

Open the model in PMDEditor and then go back into MMDMall. Let’s choose clothes! Go back to the MMDMall Gallery and choose the folder “Tops and Bottoms”.  Choose something you like. I’m using a t-shirt! If you want to use one of many awesome t-shirts too, go here:

CLICK THE PICTURE for a larger image!




Unzip that file and choose a shirt. I’m choosing the Chibi Food Cupcake shirt. Copy its files into the new model’s folder.

Have you got the folder up? Great! Now open up PMDView over that. Drag your clothing item to the PMDView window. A box should pop up. Select “Ad” and then “Ok”.

The clothing item will pop up on the model!!!

Often, the item will not fit right. How do you move it? The answer is the Vert/Material window we talked about earlier. MA0 will be at the beginning. Scroll down until you see another MA0. Select that and anything below it. Left click and drag your mouse. A box should be forming over your clothing item. When your item is completely inside the square, let go of the mouse. Your item should be orange! Use the arrows and the Object Controls window to get it fitted. Now save the model.

Congratulations! You have made your first model!

Keep practicing, and you’ll get even better! 


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