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Download the Latest Version of MikuMikuDance from LearnMMD.com

Download the latest version of MikuMikuDance!

LearnMMD.com will always have the latest version available for you. Check back often to see what's new!

MikuMikuDance is a FREE 3D Animation software. Download MikuMikuDance, download the latest version of MMD for free from the LearnMMD.com Downloads page. I
t's a 6.4mb download.

Drag the new ZIP folder onto your Desktop.

When you have it, Open the folder and click "Extract All" and OK the defaults.
I then dropped that original 5mb zip folder into the new program folder, just to keep it.

There is no "install". The program simply runs from that folder on your desktop.

If you want to "uninstall" the program, just delete the folder.

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Create a shortcut icon.

Read the instructions and get the link for the happy Hands meme on LearnMMD.com

Miku's Simple Jump Dance RD

The opening screen of the Sample Dance sample.pmm








See what you need to learn ... Visit the HOW TO Page!

Load a WAV file to put music into MikuMikuDance.

OPEN MMD by opening the folder and double clicking on the MikuMikuDance.exe icon.

The program should open and you will see the Main Screen.

Some new users may get an error message announcing a "missing .DLL file". Learn how to fix that error by reading the post:

That article describes errors such as missing DLL's and the side-by-side configuration error.

As we learn more about troubleshooting MikuMikudance, LearnMMD.com will have the answers for you.

Make yourself a Desktop Icon
by opening the folder and RIGHT Clicking on the program's icon. Choose "Create Shortcut". You will see the new icon appear there, in your folder. Drag that new shortcut onto your desktop.

OPEN the program and you will see the Main Screen.

The first parts you will want to know about are indicated in the enclosed picture:
  • Frame Counter
  • Frame Chart
  • Bone List
  • Copy/Paste/Range-Select panel
  • Camera/Model selector panel
  • Coordinate Axis

LOAD a character
by clicking the Load button in theCamera/Model panel. Choose the model of your choice.

Try an MMD Meme (rhymes with "seem")

A meme is like an MMD "kit"... a set of files you download; giving you motion and music files. You open MMD, load a model, and apply those new files to make an animation, a video.
Meme's can be very easy to do!
Search YouTube for MMD meme to see the many that are available.

LearnMMD hosts the files for
The Happy Hands meme
Read all about how do do the Happy Hands meme.

Maybe Try to
MAKE YOUR OWN MUSIC VIDEO using files you can download from YouTube!

It's actually one of the easier things that a new MMDer can do! ... I am sure some new MMDers wonder ...
"So, what do I do with MMD?" ...

... well,
THIS little project will get you started!

Make a Simple Jump Dance to get the feel of how the controls work.

Read and follow along with my post:





PLAY the Sample Dance ... At the top of the screen, Click FILE and choose OPEN, sample.pmm

Click PLAY and watch as Miku runs through her dance routine showing you how any model can move, how the stage lights can be manipulated and how the camera's view can be adjusted throughout the animation.

Watch the sample dance a few times. In the Camera/Model panel, select MIKU and then PLAY the animation. Note how the camera motions are not used. When you select Camera/Accessories and click PLAY, the animation is back to normal, following the camera's actions.

Make some changes to see what happens: Now let’s remove the stage background. Select the Camera view … and then on the far right of the screen you will see that “stage” is selected. Click the Delete button, right there, and watch the screen background go white. The stage has been deleted from your dance.

Go to the VIEW menu tab and select “Display Coordinate Axis” to see Miku standing on the basic, main screen view. Click Play … see that Miku never moves far from that center axis point.

Try everything as you work with that sample dance. READ MORE about the Sample Dance and using the controls in this article: http://learnmmd.com/?p=54 and http://learnmmd.com/?p=80.

DO NOT SAVE before you close that dance … you want to keep that original file. You can do a "Save As" if you want to keep your new dance. When you close the program, MikuMikuDance asks “Are you OK?” … Click OK.


Find out some of
what you need to learn!

See the LearnMMD "HOW TO" PAGE for a list of links to the answers to the most asked questions. MikuMikuDance is powerful and complicated. Let's Learn How to Do Everything!


ADD MUSIC to Miku Miku Dance. On the file menu click “Add WAV File”. Then browse your way to your file.

In order to Load the WAV File, you have to HAVE a WAV file. An MP3 file won’t work. Search the web for a WAV file of the music you want. You may need to find a program on the web that will convert your music file into a WAV file. I am using AUDACITY1.3.13, READ MY NOTES HERE.

You can also put music into MikuMikuDance with your movie editing program after you have converted your animation into an AVI file.

Read more about controlling your WAV music file in these articles: LearnMMD.com's WAV and Audacity Category


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