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Step-by-Step instructions for MikuMikuDance

Page 1 covered some basic-basics.

Here on Page 2, we will give you some more basics and then get you started with Stages and Accessories.

Page 3 introduces us to making saved Poses, making and using saved Motions, and downloading Motion files.
Page 4 looks at Saving your animation and making your video...
and then we back-up a little bit and get into Dummy Bones and Adjusting the parameters of the those .x Accessories.
Page 5 looks at Making an MMD model, Downloading models and Translating models...with the most brief intro to PMDE/PMXE
Page 6
we introduce you to MikuMikuEffects: MME and suggest a few effects you will want to have in your MME arsenal. AND... we will download, install and and light-up Trackdancer's LearnMMD Stage!
Page 7 takes a look at having multiple models on-stage using the same motion data by using Apply Center Position Bias and by using Mother bones.
Page 8
discusses "smooth motions"  and "interpolation curves" to control a motion's acceleration.

But first: DIAMONDS
Diamonds in MMD show your registered positions.
A diamond is created on the Frame Chart everytime you register a bone.
A RED DIAMOND is the one that is selected at the moment.
A WHITE DIAMOND is not selected.
A GRAY DIAMOND indicates that more diamonds are inside of it... as in row 3, above, +Facial ... You will have to expand Facial to see exactly where the diamonds are located.

A diamond can be copied and pasted, or deleted... Simply highlight the diamond and click one of the buttons there, under the chart (or you can use the standard shorthand Control-c, Control-v to copy/paste).

You can click on any diamond to copy or delete it... but to paste it, the paste will occur only in the frame you are in... on that Green Line.

Drag a box to select several diamonds at the same time.
You can hold down Shift while you click diamonds to select more than one at a time... you can also click-and-drag a box around a group of diamonds to select a bunch of them at once.

MikuMikuDance comes to you complete with one stage. It is inside the ACCESSORY folder inside the UserFile folder: stage01.x

An ACCESSORY is usually a .x DirectX file.

Accessories do not OPEN from the File tab. You LOAD an accessory from the AMP (Accessory Manipulation Panel) in the lower right, olive-colored area of your MMD panel. (The AMP is only available in the Camera/screen mode; while working with models, you won't see it!)

Load a stage and see it pop into place.LOAD stage01.x and see it pop into place!

Coordinate Grid

See, there, that the basic MMD Coordinate Grid is covering the floor of the stage.

TURN OFF the Coordinate Grid by unchecking it under the View menu.

If you use Ground Shadow, adjust it to a realistic color!Ground Shadow and Ground Shadow color...
Some MMDers turn off the ground shadow (under the View menu) but I usually leave it on... and I always try to remember to adjust that shadow from the soft gray to a more realistic hard gray shadow... again, under the View menu.
MikuMikuDance includes only that one stage... but THOUSANDS more are available for download. More about THAT, later...


... are items or props that you can add to your scene. They are .x files.
MikuMikuDance has MANY accessories included with your download... mostly lights and spotlights... and only one actual prop: the NEGI.x... Miku's famous green onion or leek.
 When you load it, you will see that it arrives at Miku's feet... centered on the stage floor.

An accessory has only a single attachment-point... and you need to decide where you would like to attach it. ... in this case... to Miku's forefinger!
Position an accessory using the Accessory mode X-Y-Z rollers!

Negi in position!Now we have the Negi attached to Miku's forefinger You can now work on Miku to get her fingers wrapped around it... and then, you will see that as you wave her hand around, the negi will be locked to her hand. BE SURE TO REGISTER your every adjustment, your every move.

SHORTCUT: Usually, you can register a bone by hitting the ENTER key on your keyboard. I often work with the mouse in my right hand and my left forefinger hovering over the Enter key... It's easy to move a bone, click Enter... move another bone, click Enter... quick and easy.

SHORTCUT: Moving through frames... you can use the keyboard's arrow keys < > to move through frames. Careful: using the up/down arrows may move you to new bones!

Read more about the Accessory Mode.

MORE about adjusting Accessories...

TONS of Accessories are available for download! ... everything/anything you might want can probably be found... from wristwatches or chopsticks to rocking chairs and army tanks. Simply Google what you are looking for: MMD cell phone

The LearnMMD.com Downloads page offers many nice, more normal items that you might enjoy!

Keep the Faith-MMD... Track and credit your sources!
The ONE Most Important Rule of MMD...
Keep the Faith... keep track of your downloads so that you can Always Leave Credits for everything you use.
  • We do not steal things off the web for our use in MikuMikuDance. Each item we download was created by an artist who has given it freely, online, for our use.
  • We always say "Thank you!" by giving credits in the description of our YouTube videos and in the margins/descriptions of our uploaded finished artworks.
  • We try to never link to a bowlroll-style distribution page... we instead link to the artist's page as the source of the item or model.
  • We never share the items as our own... we always give credit.
  • We pay attention to the artist's wishes when they include for us a README.txt... even when in another language; we translate that README so that we can know the artist's wishes.
That's the Basics of Keep the Faith-MMD... Please see
LearnMMD.coms write-up on Keep the Faith-MMD

Be "a good MMDer" ... Keep the Faith!

LearnMMD.com has MANY Keep the Faith articles. ... so important!

So... you do not have to make all of your own motions from scratch...
You can DOWNLOAD Motion Files!
... that will be on Page 3!

Step-by-Step instructions for MikuMikuDance
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