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Download ARROW Lip-Sync Soundtrack Zip Folder


After a fat Eight or Ten Hours… I have my Arrow Lip-Sync finished! Lip-Sync as a separate animation file… I started this project with a soundtrack, a stage set-up, and some camerawork. I added some effects… and NOW it’s time for the animation! … but first… the lip-sync! My Arrow lip-sync took me, like I […]

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PMXE weight painting tools and deformation types for new MMD models


What is weight painting? What is skinning? How can I paint weights in PMXE? What is BDEF? What is SDEF? Weight painting, sometimes known as skinning, is my least favorite part of making a model. If you want to paint weights, it’s important to understand as much as possible about the tools and terminology to […]

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GaussianVariable MME Effect Blurs your entire scene!


How do I use the GaussianVariable effect? What does the MME GaussianVariable effect do? Where can I download the GaussianVariable effect? GaussianVariable MME Effect Blurs your entire scene! A reader sent me an email asking me how to use the GaussianVariable effect. I had no idea! … so I did a quick search and found […]

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Using Beamman’s SoftSmoke Effect


How do I use Beamman’s SoftSmoke? I loaded the effect, but it’s just a black blob! How do I control it? Make use of Beamman’s SoftSmoke Beamman’s SoftSmoke is another example of an effect controlled by a .pmd/.pmx model. To use the effect, you load both SoftSmoke_SP.x and SS_Controller_0.pmx into MMD. The former controls effect’s […]

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ColorShift Effect Dances using VMDSpectrum Analyzer


How do I make ColorShift effect match the beat of the music? Use VMDSpectrum Analyzer to animate effects A reader asked us for help about making the ColorShift effect “to make the color appear on beat”. Well, “out of the box”, the effect has no such possibility. All that is available for controllong the vanilla […]

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Locomotion – MMD Trains: how to setup and move a train


How do I use MMD trains? How can I make MMD trains work? Do MMD trains follow the track? What are all those bones in my MMD locomotive? Should I move the engine or the scenery? There is a plethora of superb MMD trains and railway related models, but have you ever wanted to know the […]

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