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Once there was a war… the making of my “Paint it black” MMD video

Once there was a war… I sent Reggie D., this site’s owner, a link to a new video that I uploaded the other day and he responded as follows: That’s Great, all right! … Wow! … a Diva performance from the tank-turret! Camera motion/view angles are awesome, the music sounds great when Loud… and that […]

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MMD MME Rhinestone effect adds sparkle to your models!

How do I use the MME Rhinestone effect? Where can I download the Rhinestone effect? Can I use Subset-extract to control the effect? The MME Rhinestone effect… …adds sparkle to your models! The Rhinestone effect v002 looks great and is easy to use. Download it here (it’s the top one in that list). When you […]

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What kind of laptop should I buy for running MMD?

Here are some things to consider if you are in the market for a laptop to be used for running MMD. But before we get into the subject, we are going to state clearly, that for a variety of good reasons, we will not give advice on what specific brand or model of laptop to […]

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MME ik_Paper Effect flattens MMD models paper-thin!

Have you Ever Seen Someone’s Animation That Made the model look like paper? And you wanted to know how they did it, but they didn’t put the effect in the description? Well you have come to the right place! How To Use ik_Paper Effect! Hey its ToxicXender! Im new here and this is my First […]

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MME DiscoLightEX v003 effect easily adds life to your MMD scene!

How do I use the DiscoLightEX v003 MME effect in my MMD animation? What’s new in the DiscoLightEX v003 effect? MME DiscoLightEX v003 Effect… …easily adds life to your scene! LearnMMD.com has a tutorial to show you how to use the older version of this effect: DiscoLight THIS tutorial shows you how to use the […]

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MMD animation from Scratch “The Wind-up and the Pitch!”

How do I make an MMD animation from scratch? How do I use my inspiration to create an animation? An MMD animation from Scratch… “The Wind-up and the Pitch!” A while back, I got a bee in my bonnet to make a nice MMD animation from scratch: I wanted to animate a baseball pitch. I […]

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