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The Easiest Way To Add Hair Physics in PMX Editor!


How do I add hair physics to my model’s hair? Should my model’s hair have bones? How can I use PMXE to add hair physics to my model’s hair? The Easiest Way To Add Hair Physics in PMX Editor! Hi y’all… Today I’m going to show you how to create physics in MMD. For an […]

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Learn MMD Basics before jumping into a big project! _ MikuMikuDance MMD Tutorials

Learn MMD Basics before jumping into a big project! A reader wrote a comment… I tried to make a movie. I’m new to MikuMikuDance and I want to make my own but I don’t know how. Please help me learnmmd?! … and LearnMMD’s Silent Headset replied: Hmm…first off…make sure you already get the hang of […]

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Use the PMXE Transform Window to edit your MMD models!


How can I edit models?  How can I make my selfie model for MMD? What is the PMXE transform screen? How do I use PMXE to make a model for MMD? How do I add parts to my MMD model? PMXE comes with a powerful tool in its transform window. Hopefully, you’re familiar with it […]

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Beamman’s Breath Effect shows warm breath in winter


How do I use Beamman’s Breath Effect? Why don’t I see anything when I load Beamman’s Breath Effect? Beamman’s Breath Effect v1.1 shows warm breath in winter… … and a FIRE BREATH anytime! A reader asked me, today, about Beamman’s Breath effect. I had to fiddle with it, a little, before I discovered the trick. […]

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A better MMD followcam in PMXE with physics and IK bones


How can I control the camera in MMD? How can I make an MMD followcam?  What can I use IK bones for? How to make IK bones? What is follow cam?  What is OP? What is camera tracking? How can I follow a model in MMD? Have you played with outside parent settings yet? What […]

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Easily Create Walk-in-Place Motion in MMD


How can I make a walk-in-place motion for MikuMikuDance? is there an animation shortcut to making a walk-in-place motion in MMD? Easily Create a Walk-in-Place Motion in MMD A reader and I were trading ideas today, and she said she saw a method for making a walk-in-place motion for MMD in a video on YouTube… […]

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