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MMD Quits after a few minutes? You are not alone! _ MikuMikuDance MMD Tutorials

Hi everyone… MMD Quits after a few minutes? We are ON it! It seems that a recent Windows update is causing MMD to crash after a few minutes… … at least that’s what it seems like. The LearnMMD team is looking into it and we hope to have an answer for you soon. Want an […]

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Import Daz models with Bones using Blender, Noesis, Xnalara


How do I import Daz models into MMD? How do I keep textures? How do I keep the bones? How to import Daz models into MMD… This tutorial was inspired by arisumatio. Okay, to make this as easy as possible I’m going to provide exactly what you need in order to get your Daz character into MMD. Links to […]

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Arrow MMD Animation Video Finished in only Six Weeks!


The making of… My new “Arrow” MMD Animation and video! About six weeks ago I was listening to Melanie’s “Freedom Knows My Name” CD and the “Arrow” song caught my imagination… “Wouldn’t that make a nice MMD animation… a “Diva” song… for an MMD model to sing?” … ? The Process… I created the animation […]

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Almost Photo-realistic renders in MMD using Shaders and Effects


How do I use shaders to make photo-realistic renders in MMD? Can I make realistic-looking images in MikuMikuDance? What effects do I use to make realistic skin-tones in MMD? Almost Photo-realistic renders in MMD using Shaders and Effects NOTE: It is recommended that you click on the Haku images in this article to see the renders […]

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o_ShaderCustomSet_v0_3 effect applies gentle color modification

Sepia Effect

Where can I download o_ShaderCustomSet_v0_3? How do I use o_ShaderCustomSet_v0_3? I load the o_ShaderCustomSet_v0_3 effect and nothing happens. o_ShaderCustomSet_v0_3 effect applies gentle color modification A reader emailed me a question about how to use the o_ShaderCustomSet_v0_3 effect. I had never seen it, before… so I did a search and found its source page. Wow! There […]

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Scrambled first frame of video must be Voodoo!


Why is the first frame of my new video scrambled? What causes that first frame of video to be full of static? Is there a fix for it? Why is it “sometimes” and not ALL the time? Scrambled first frame of video… … must be Voodoo! It drives me crazy when I “Render to AVI”, […]

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