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VPVP page offers basic MMD instructions videos

VPVP MMD Training video offers MMD instructions videos.

Where can I find MMD instructions videos? Has MikuMikuDance changed much over the years? What is the VPVP page? VPVP page offers basic MMD instructions videos The Vocaloid Promotional Video Project page (VPVP) has always been the homepage for the MikuMikuDance program. The VPVP page offers several versions of MMD… including obsolete early developmental versions. […]

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Download the Latest Version of MikuMikuDance: MMD 9.31

Download and Enjoy MikuMikuDance MMD

LearnMMD.com always has the latest version of MikuMikuDance ready for you to download. We check the VPVP homepage regularly to ensure we are providing you with the latest version of MMD. Go to the Downloads page to download the latest version of MikuMikuDance… and then visit our Step-by-Step instructions page that will show you how […]

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Adjust downloaded motions to fit your MMD models

Why is my model out of view when I load a camera motion? Is it OK to adjust downloaded motions? How can I adjust a motion to fit my model? Why do my model’s arms go through the body?    If you’ve downloaded motions before, then you’re probably familiar with these problems: “Clipping” where hands or […]

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Make Smooth Motions using Multiple Keyframes

How can I make smooth motions in MMD? Why do my MikuMikuDance motions look stiff? How can I make natural looking motions in MMD? Hello everyone! I’m UndeadLuciel, a new author of the LearnMMD community! This tutorial is about how spacing motions across several keyframes would make your animation more natural. How Keyframe Spacing Effects […]

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RAY-MMD demonstration featuring texture and environmental lighting

RAY-MMD and the original Miku Append… A RAY-MMD demonstration featuring texture and environmental lighting Nowadays, we can see plenty of Tda style edits rendered beautifully in videos on YouTube and NicoNico using RAY-MMD, but you hardly ever see the original Miku Append model treated in a similar manner. Well, that is understandable since that model […]

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Build Accessories and Stages with PMXE Primitives

A New Table for SeeU… YES, YOU CAN BUILD MODELS WITH THE PMXeditor Build Accessories and Stages with PMXE Primitives Our heroine SeeU, wanted a new table. Not being happy with the selection available at IKEA and being too snooty for Walmart, she decided to order one built specially to match her attire. Plus being […]

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