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Trouble Keeping MMD Faith When Those Around You Don’t

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Why I am having trouble keeping MMD faith? What is MMD Faith? How can I tell if I’m doing the right thing? What is “Keep the Faith-MMD”? Keep the Faith-MMD is, in a sense, the most definitive document created by the English speaking MikuMikuDance community in regards to how to function lawfully within the community. […]


Barbarians disregarding creative rights destroy MMD for all of us.

Hi guys… I went to bed thinking about this problem, again… and you know… there’s nothing we can do. … the barbarians win. Barbarians disregarding creative rights destroy MMD for all of us. Each of us needs to be pure, ourselves. We can write the occasional “Rant” article on LearnMMD or Deviant Art… I have […]


Most important MikuMikuDance instruction: Track your sources!

MMD is FREE… All you can “Pay” is your “Thank you!” So, write credits to thank the artists and MMDers who created your models, accessories, effects, poses and motions. Write your own ReadMe Files to track your sources! Most important MikuMikuDance instruction: Track your sources! Again I remind you guys of what should be the […]


Public Domain and Ethical Release for MMD

What are ethics?  What is public domain?  How should I release an MMD model?  What are MMD rules?  How can I release to the public domain? If you’ve been following along with LearnMMD for a while now, you’re probably familiar with its Keep the Faith series, encouraging you to behave in a manner that supports […]


Find New MMD Models – MMD Resources Hunting!

How do I find MMD resources? Where can I download new models for MMD? How will I know if this resource is “original”? I’m back from the dead, guys! This time, I’m going to show you the different methods of how to find MMD resources done by yours truly (me!) Let’s go MMD resources hunting! […]


MMD Models Rant

Keep The Faith MMD

Hey guys ! Nicole is here ! Today, I will rant about MMD Models. Maybe you were like: “Rant about MMD Models? Why? For what?” I will answer those questions in this rant later, but first things first… Reggie, I need your soapbox for the rant thingy now- <Nicole steps up onto the mighty poor […]

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