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New Reggie’s Evil Eye demo video posted to YouTube

What is the Reggie’s Evil Eye Effect? Where can I download the Reggie’s Evil Eye Effect? How do I use the Evil Eye Effect? How do you do the Evil Eye Effect? New “Reggie’s Evil Eye” effect demo video posted to YouTube! I just finished the new Reggie’s Evil Eye Effect demo video… … made […]


Try Reggie’s Evil Eye Effect for an Anime-style effect

Where can I get Reggie’s Evil Eye effect for MikuMikuDance? How do I use Reggie’s Evil Eye effect? Reggie’s MME Effect adds an anime-style effect! Try Reggie’s Evil Eye Effect!   Watch almost any comedy anime and you will see an effect like this in a scene where a character is startled, embarrassed, or ticked-off […]

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