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Making good MMD lip-syncs!

How do I do lip-syncing in MMD? When I lipsync, which sliders do I use for which sounds? Are there tricks to MMD lip-syncing? Making your MMD lip-syncs good! Hello there! I’m MMD Anime Bunny, I’m new here!~ This is my first article on LearnMMD. I have some plans for future articles, but I’ll start […]


YouTube Copyright Enforcement Bamboozles MMDers!

Why did YouTube take down my MMD video? YouTube Copyright Enforcement Bamboozles MMDers! One of LearnMMD’s most popular and most thorough MMD newbie tutorials yields a music video of the song “The World is Mine” … and YouTube has taken-down the sample video I posted as part of the tutorial. (I just, now, uploaded it, […]


Adding Sound Effects to existing MMD animations

Adding sound effects at just the right time is a challenge.  How do I time a new sound fx? How do I calculate the timing of a new sound effect? Adding Sound Effects to existing MMD animations … In my latest video, Bored, I created the animation for the lamp-switching scene before I got around […]


How to Load Models, Motion, and Music Data into MikuMikuDance


How do I load Models, Motion, and Music data files in MikuMikuDance?  How do I load motion data in MMD? How do I use the Reverse button? How to load models in MMD directX 9. How do I get started with MMD? How to load Models, Motion, and Music data in MikuMikuDance When you first loaded MMD into your […]


MMD Soundtrack Make Sound Effects on your Desktop using Audacity®

Minimize both windows so you can reach the RECORD in Audacity and then the PLAY in you video player. Make Sound Effects in your MMD video soundtrack.

How can I add music to MikuMikuDance? How do I add sound effects to MMD? How do I use Audacity 2.0 to make sound effects into MMD? How do I put sound effects into my MMD videos? Use your Microphone and Audacity® 2.0 to make sound effects … even a whole MikuMikuDance soundtrack! I recently […]


WAV Files Make Your Music Play on MMD MikuMikuDance

The Audacity Generate Menu lets you add silent breaks to you WAV file.

Can you set the music to play on certain frames in mmd? How to delete music in mikumikudance? How to edit the music in mmd? How to get your music on to a wav file? My music wont play on miku miku dance. Audacity 1.3: How to save as wav? How to play wav format […]

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