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Miku Miku Dance requires Skill … and you get that through Practice!

Practice, practice, practice! Learning how to do Ask questions... get answers!... email LearnMMD's Reggie DEverything WELL requires practice. Keep working and send me your .pmm files so that I can see how you are doing. Let’s talk!



Here are some HOMEWORK EXERCISES to practice …


  • Create a simple “Jump Dance” that starts with your character standing off-center on the stage. Make the model squat a bit in preparation for the jump. Lift her up for a high jump. Land her in a squat position “to absorb the landing with her knees” … and then let her recoil into another small jump. Keep working on it until it looks lifelike.
  • Add a photo background to the Jump Dance and also some Camera moves to make it funny or interesting.
  • Work on using the many facial adjustments that are available. Maybe make the model mouth some particular words … use your imagination … “How are you” “I love you” “Get the #$%*! away from me!” Go for happy looks … mad looks … questioning looks. Play with all of those adjustments mixed together. The possibilities are endless.
  • Work on creating a Walk motion. See the Downloads Page for my WalkTest6RD.pmm file. You can play that on MMD and, also, play WITH it. Please rename the file if you make changes to it. That RD in the file name is for me: Reggie Dentmore.
  • LEARN the MMD ETHICS about downloading, sharing, and altering MikiMikuDance Models and Accessories. Read this page: http://mikumikudance.wikia.com/wiki/MMD:Ethics and be responsible as you collect and use new characters. READ MY ARTICLE regarding MMD Etiquette.
  • Keep Track of the Sources of your downloaded models and accessories.  Yellow PV LAT Miku downloaded from a MMD Newcomers find on YouTube.Start a Spreadsheet or a WORD document that allows you to list your models and their creators and websites … a sheet you can refer to when you want to credit the authors/creators of your models, music, motions, and accessories.


  1. Aleah Aleah
    October 25, 2018    

    The back part of my model’s skirt keeps “going up”. The other parts are fine. It’s just this one part that keeps going up. It used to poof up. After I fixed that, the back part started to go up.

    • Eva Eva
      March 14, 2019    

      try the gravity option in physical operation, that might work

  2. Keenan Reed Keenan Reed
    October 19, 2018    

    I’ve a problem, I looked through your mmd help sections and I can’t find anything pertaining to my issue, could you help?

    • October 19, 2018    

      If you don’t try, you won’t know…

  3. Oof Oof
    September 27, 2018    

    I has hard time it no look realistic I beginer :(

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      September 27, 2018    

      Good luck… keep trying!

  4. Ashewness Ashewness
    June 13, 2018    


    I have some trouble opening files in pmde/pmxe/mmd.
    I used blender to create a model and installed meshio and mmd tools. Now I exported the file to pmd/pmx files and tried to open them in pmde and pmdx, but even tho the files are clearly there in my folder, pmde/pmdx does not see it. I would be so glad if some could explain to me what i did wrong. I have never used any of these programs before so I really need some help.

    Thanks in advance c:

    • Albert Albert
      September 4, 2018    

      You can only export meshes from blender without bones! Can’t remember witch one of the 2 plugins do it. Test it out and let me know how it goes. I have been through this too

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