YouTube Copyright Enforcement Bamboozles MMDers!

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.comWhy did YouTube take down my MMD video?

YouTube Copyright Enforcement
Bamboozles MMDers!

One of LearnMMD’s most popular and most thorough MMD newbie tutorials yields a music video of the song “The World is Mine”

YouTube copyright enforcement is leading to chaos in the MMD community!… and YouTube has taken-down the sample video I posted as part of the tutorial.

(I just, now, uploaded it, again, through my personal YouTube account rather than the LearnMMD account where it used to be… we’ll see how long it stays up “:o).

Inside that tutorial I have now posted this huge warning … a warning to ALL of us MMDers:

This tutorial helps you create a music video.
YouTube May NOT Allow this video to display…

and may PENALIZE your account

if you upload this video to YouTube!

YouTube has been enforcing copyright issues and is blocking many MMD videos of our favorite songs; including “The World is Mine” that is used in this tutorial.

Our use of copyrighted materials, even as not-for-profit hobby entertainment is now viewed as an undesirable, perhaps illegal redistribution of copyrighted materials.

YouTube may block the view of your video to some countries or may simply block it to all viewers. If you “get caught” more than a few times, your YouTube Channel may be penalized.

THIS TUTORIAL creates an “illegal” video.

… as YouTube now sees it… so…

Please do this tutorial
as a learning experience for yourself…

It’d be a shame if your first video-upload got you banned from YouTube! … so please… learn from this tutorial, enjoy the process… create a music video for your own experience…
DO NOT UPLOAD it to YouTube… and keep an eye on the YouTube situation… maybe things will change someday… ?

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!

… but be thoughtful… be careful.

The Solution… ?

Use only “safe” music… music you have personally created, music you have permission to use… or run the risk of “getting caught” and perhaps being punished by YouTube.

Use alternate versions of the song… see which versions of your favorite song ARE STILL on YouTube… might be that only the one version published by the well-known singer/star/group will get flagged as “matching”… and a Vocaloid knock-off will slide by!

As for myself, I typically use “old” music that I scavenge from my LP collection. YouTube often flags my videos as “Matched Content”, the first stage of being in trouble… but, except for seeing more ads clustered around my videos selling downloads of the music I have used, I have never been punished beyond seeing that “Matched Content” warning. Also, I will, in the future,  only “do” the songs that are still prevalent on YouTube… ones YouTube hasn’t taken down yet… maybe those are OK, somehow… ? … who knows?


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