Raycast RAY-MMD Effect Tutorials

The List of Raycast Tutorials on LearnMMD.com

List of Raycast Effect / Ray-MMD effect tutorials on LearnMMD.com

The Raycast Effect, now known as RAY-MMD, is so much MORE than “an effect”… it’s a whole “visual environment” sub-system in itself!

You cannot simply download the effect and apply the RAY.X to your animation. Ray-MMD is complicated The list of Ray-MMD tutorials on LearnMMD.com... beautiful Miku Append in the light of Raycast!for the first-time user; and like everything else in MikuMikuDance, it takes practice and some experience with it before you begin to obtain satisfactory results with Raycast.

As of this writing, 4/13/2019,
the latest version of
Ray-MMD is 1.5.2

Ray-MMD and Raycast are meant to run on a Windows 10 64-bit computer. If you are not, you will find that many menu items and subroutines will be unavailable to you.

Like studying for your
Masters Degree in MMD!

Like everyone else, we at LearnMMD.com have been learning by starting with the “first encounter” and Ray-MMD is powerful and complicated!then by adding to our knowledge and skills as we became more familiar with the effect… with its “system”.

To learn about Raycast Ray-MMD, struggle-along with us and review the many Ray-MMD Tutorials on LearnMMD… Leave Comments and ask questions. LearnMMD.com is very much alive and interactive: ask questions and get answers.

The List of Raycast Ray-MMD Tutorials on LearnMMD.com

Listed in chronological order from our first encounter through our latest updates:

How to use Raycast MMD MME Shader Effect
by Gloria the Animator

Modifying model texture color compensates Raycast color desaturation
by Reggie Dentmore

Beautiful IA in the light of Raycast... List of Ray-MMD tutorials on LearnMMD.com

Using Raycast MMD like a pro!
by Trackdancer2015

Learn to Edit MMD Effects by Editing Raycast Materials
by Bandages

RAY-MMD: A method to get great results fast and easy!
by Trackdancer2015

RAY-MMD: Spruce up your videos with Dynamic Lighting
by Trackdancer2015

RAY-MMD: Haku’s crazy light show [PART 1]
RAY-MMD: Haku’s crazy light show [PART 2]
RAY-MMD: Haku’s crazy light show [PART 3]
by Trackdancer2015

Ray-MMD Localized Fog Effects for stunning MMD scenes
by Trackdancer2015

RAY-MMD demonstration featuring texture and environmental lighting
by Trackdancer2015

RAY-MMD: Using the Time of Night skybox
by Trackdancer2015

RAY-MMD: Creating your own custom sky box
Ray-MMD advanced lighting techniques for MMD MikuMikuDanceby Trackdancer2015

Ray-MMD Advanced Lighting: A Night on the Town
by Trackdancer2015

Raycast / Ray-MMD First Steps
by Trackdancer2015

Ray-MMD: The Art of painting with Light
by Trackdancer2015

Beginner’s Guide: Using Ray-MMD ver 1.5.0 – Latest version of Raycast
by Trackdancer2015

RAY-MMD Technique: of Battleships and Fleet Girls
by Trackdancer2015

Ray-MMD Shading Mech Girls brings those beauties to life!
by Trackdancer2015

Ray-MMD Demonstration “Battle stations … all hands on deck!!!”
by Trackdancer2015

Ray-MMD Godrays… argggh!!!
by Trackdancer2015

MMD Fill Lights Part 2 – (Ray-MMD)
by Trackdancer2015


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