The LearnMMD Video Dojo Expo competitions are open to ALL MMDers!

Video Dojo Expo

WIN a Write-up on and a
“Place in History!”

SIX Video Dojo Expo Champions will be selected to be the Winners from all entries received for each competition.

Each Champion will win a featured article on with their embedded video and a story written by LearnMMD’s Reggie D.

EACH winning Video Dojo Expo Champion will be permanently listed in the Video Dojo Expo “Hall of Champions” with links to their videos… forever!

… a new competition starts every three months!

LearnMMD Video Dojo Expo #1
is just started!

See the full RULES and ENTRY DEADLINE here!

Video Dojo Expo

Video Dojo Expo #1 – September, 2019

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New Contest Announcement!

… a new competition starts every three months!

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!