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A better MMD followcam in PMXE with physics and IK bones

How can I control the camera in MMD? How can I make an MMD followcam?  What can I use IK bones for? How to make IK bones? What is follow cam?  What is OP? What is camera tracking? How can I follow a model in MMD? Have you played with outside parent settings yet? What […]


Camera Motion Instructions 1 – MMD Basics

"Say cheese!" Setting up the camera moves in MMD 7.39 takes some thought. Credits: MMD Little Town by Harner Productions, Chibi Miku Yamato Style 1.35 by Koshitsuki, Chibi NC DT SeeU by HousekineMinto, Video Camera by Dark Konata

How do I make camera motion data in MMD? How do you zoom in the camera in MMD? How do you use the camera in MikuMikuDance? How do I save my MMD camera data? What does the camera panel do in Miku Miku Dance? Your Chance to Direct Without Going “Hollywood.” MikuMikuDance has a very […]


Load Camera Motion Data VMD files using the File Menu in MMD

How do I load camera motion data in MMD?  How do I make MMD camera data work? What is MikuMikuDance camera data? What is a camera.vmd? Lights! Camera! Action! How to Load Camera Motion Data When you started your MMD collection, I hope you noticed that some of your motion data downloads included a .vmd […]

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