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A New Challenge for MikuMikuDance Modelers – The Textures from Your Room Challenge!

What contests/challenges are there for MMD Modelers? How can I use photos to make textures for MikuMikuDance models? What is the Textures from Your Room Challenge? There are a ton of fun artistic challenges floating around! But there aren’t many of MikuMikuDance modelers! Ever since I’ve traded in my artist hat for a modeler hat, I’ve been […]


Our “Ring Around the Moon” Project for MMDers

Melanie’s “Ring Around the Moon” makes a great little project for MMDers! I just completed the lip-sync motion files for the “Ring Around the Moon” WAV file that is included in the ZIP folder that you can download from our Downloads page. I am calling this a “Project” rather than a “meme” because we are […]


Show the Love: Melanie’s “Ring Around the Moon”

A Project for MMDers … Melanie’s “Ring Around the Moon”   Create a beautiful little duet using a pair of your favorite models. I would call this a MEME except that I am only supplying the WAV file for the music. The pose, the motions, the camerawork and the Emotion is all up to you. […]


Announcing The Momi Cup 4!

When does the 2014 Momi Cup 4 begin? How do I enter the Momi Cup? What are the deadlines for the Momi Cup 4? What is the Momi Cup? Where is the Official Momi Cup 4 website? The Momi Cup 4 has begun! This is a good time to be an MMD-er! The Momi Cup 4 has […]


The Fourth Momi Cup is Set to Begin!

When is the 4th  Momi Cup supposed to begin? How do you enter the Momi Cup? What are the dates and deadlines for the next Momi Cup? When does the  4th Momi Cup Begin? It’s that time of year when we here at LearnMMD start preparing and encouraging our readership to enter the Momi Cup. […]


LearnMMD’s MEME PARTY 2 a Success!

LearnMMD’s MEME PARTY 2 … a Success!  TWO WEEKS in the Making … … and the entries are in! It’s too late to add your entry … but the Party is just getting started. SEE THE MEME PARTY 2 PAGE. Want to be notified in advance so you can join the next party? Just send […]

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