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Download Reggie’s MMD DeckPanel when you just need a place to sit or stand!

How can I use Reggie’s MMD Deckpanel accessory for my MikuMikudance animation? My motion starts with my model floating in mid-air! I need a place for my model to stand. Download Reggie’s MMD DeckPanel when you just need a place to sit or stand! I know it’s a crazy thing… a simple piece of decking […]


Build Your Own Stage For MMD Using SketchUp

Build Your Own Stage For MMD Using SketchUp! Making stages for MMD is really easy using Trimble’s SketchUp… … and we fine-tune it in PMDE! When I first started getting involved in MMD, like most people I downloaded all sorts of models to use with the program. I quickly learnt that it was possible to […]


Making stages/accessories for MMD using Sketchup

How do I make models for MMD? How do I save as an .X file in Sketchup? How do I make my own accessories/stages for MMD? How do I use the model I created in MikuMikuDance? How to make models in Sketchup, and use them in MMD: Goedendag lezers van LearnMMD. (Hello LearnMMD readers) In […]


Build your own stage for MMD using Blender 2.69

 Can you build your own stage using Blender? How can I make a new stage for MMD? Is Blender hard to use? Where can I get Blender? What programs do I need to make a stage for MMD? Have you ever wanted to build your own stage for use in MMD and wondered how to […]


Create Simple Accessories Using PMD Editor

I don't have an Alice model... but at least Neru seems to like it!"

Can PMD Editor be used to make accessories? Can I make something from scratch using PMDE? How do I make my own accessories with PMD Editor? Who ever said that PMD Editor can only be used for editing models? Now you can create simple accessories with PMD Editor! Did you know that you can create […]


Download Table Lamp Accessory ON and OFF

Where can I download a table lamp accessory for MikuMikuDance? How can I make a table lamp accessory for use in MMD? I want to make a table lamp accessory. Download Reggie’s Table Lamp Accessory It is actually TWO models: On and Off!   Switch the lamp Off and On for yourself! Download Reggie’s Table […]

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