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Speech Synthesizer gives MMD Models a voice!

How do I make my Vocaloid model talk instead of sing? Where can I get a speech synthesizer to read my script? How can I give a voice to my MMD model? Vocaloid software is basically a speech synthesis application. But it is designed specifically for singing rather than for speaking… and on top of […]


YouTube Audio Library supplies Free music

How can I find out what music is safe to use in my MMD video? What is the YouTube Audio Library? Where can I find copyright-free music for my MMD video? How can I know if my MMD music video will be blocked? The YouTube Audio Library supplies Free music… and advisements on Copyrighted music, […]


New Interpolation Curve Video was fun to make!

What is an interpolation curve? Why would I use it? What do I do with the interpolation curve in MikuMikuDance? My new Interpolation Curve video was fun to make! I got inspired to bang-out a quick little video tutorial to help explain the use of the interpolation curve in MMD. And I mean “Bang-out”… ! […]


“Behind the Scenes” of My Miku Likes Cheese Video!

How do I make my own MikuMikuDance animations? What can I do with MMD? How do I start an animation from scratch? Cheese? “Behind the Scenes” of My Miku Likes Cheese Video! Hello everybody! WAAYYY back in January I completed my “Miku Likes Cheese” video, and put on YouTube. It was a blast to make […]


See my new YouTube MMD video “She’s So Hot!”

“She’s So Hot!” … features the “Reggie’s Evil Eye” effect! I just posted my “She’s So Hot!” MMD video! I created it as a way to demonstrate the new MME “Reggie’s Evil Eye” effect. It almost went pretty quickly … From “start” to first animation-test-video took me only about two hours. I started with creating […]


Adding Sound Effects to existing MMD animations

Adding sound effects at just the right time is a challenge.  How do I time a new sound fx? How do I calculate the timing of a new sound effect? Adding Sound Effects to existing MMD animations … In my latest video, Bored, I created the animation for the lamp-switching scene before I got around […]

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