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YouTube Audio Library supplies Free music

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.comHow can I find out what music is safe to use in my MMD video? What is the YouTube Audio Library? Where can I find copyright-free music for my MMD video? How can I know if my MMD music video will be blocked?

The YouTube Audio Library supplies Free music…
and advisements on Copyrighted music, as well!

Are you planning an MMD music video… or a video that includes music in it? … and want to know, in advance, if YouTube will BLOCK your new video? The YouTube Audio Library may give you the heads-up you need!

Lovely IA... her "Departures" video I posted to YouTube was blocked, worldwide!

Video Blocked!

With the YouTube Audio Library, YouTube is attempting to give video-makers (including MMDers) some copyright-free music… and a tool to let you see the restrictions on popular music and popular artists.

nyaReimu... Too Cute! Her "World is Mine" video was BLOCKED on YouTube.

Video Blocked!



The Ad-supported Music tab is a searchable list of artists and songs with whom YouTube has made copyright distribution/advertising arrangements. ALL music is not going to be available within this tool. But YouTube HAS made arrangements with a HUGE NUMBER of artists… some of them choosing to simply Not Allow their music to appear in any videos on YouTube… and many of them giving their permission in exchange for advertising privileges and concessions… and some have their copyrighted music blocked in only some countries wile being allowed to show in others, with, again, advertising privileges.

It’s a Win-Win!

Those artists who DO go along with allowing their material to be used in YouTube videos score some advertising revenue and a wider distribution of their name-brand… and WE get to use their materials in our animations with no out of pocket costs and no fear (OK; reduced fear) of having our videos blocked… Fantastic!

The YouTube Audio Library
Ad-Supported Music Tool

Find out if your tune will be blocked by YouTube!

The Ad-Supported Music tab is Searchable. If you simply open the page and take a look, you won’t see very many entries… but, using the Search window… searching for a particular artist or a particular song… will give you access to the info you seek.

Here, I searched for madonna… and there were quite a few to choose from…

The YouTube Audio Library's Ad-supported music tab can, maybe, tell you if your video will be blocked!

You can see that “La Isla Bonita” will be allowed to show in ALL countries EXCEPT the Unite States… while “Like a Prayer” will be allowed to be viewed worldwide.

The YouTube Audio Library
The FREE Music list

The FREE Music tab has just that: free music to download, right from that page. You can click the black delta on the left of each entry to hear the song… or you can download that entry using the button on the right.

It’s searchable. I searched for Bach…

The You Tube Audio Library makes free music available to video makers, including MMDers!

… and I found a couple of pieces by J.S.Bach as well as a couple of other pieces with Bach in their name. (ACTUALLY… that next song, “On the Bach” is a comedy video just waiting to be made! I can see a Miku or Neru percussionist drumming-out the rhythm and tapping Kaito on the head for that hollow woodblock sound… and he gets ticked-off every time… could be too funny!)

Click around in the free tunes and see what you have there… there are all kinds of music… much of it kind of simple-minded… but some good stuff, too! … You may be inspired to start a new project based upon the fun music you find there!

The YouTube Audio Library
The Sound Effects list

THIS could be valuable for MMDers such as myself. I am always making little scenes that need Foley sounds… doors shutting, water dripping, people laughing in the background… explosions! … ALL of those are here, and more!

Here is a look at the top of the Cartoon sound effects list…

The YouTube Audio Library Sound Effects list will be a great source of Foley for MMDers!

… plenty of standard, necessary sound effects are there.

This sound sample has several "Thunks! within the one sample. You will want to edit the sound file.

This one sound effect takes 13 seconds because there are several “thunks” of different kinds, there, with a moment of silence between each of them so you can edit the sound to “display” only the one “thunk!” you wish.

There you go!

There’s a quick introduction to the YouTube Audio Library page and its Ad-Supported music page tool.

Use the tool to test your intended MMD Music Video song before you find out that it’s blocked on YouTube… and… Enjoy the freebies that YouTube makes available on that page!


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  1. May 22, 2016    

    I have a good idea how to get wav. file ^_^
    First, find a video in somewhere (Like youtube)
    and if you find the right video, and then open new tab, and click http://en.savefrom.net/ website, paste the video url.
    Second, if your video is ready, then open a new tab again, and click http://audio.online-convert.com/convert-to-wav website, open your video file, and then click convert file. andddddd walaaa…… you have a wav. file ^w^

    • May 23, 2016    

      There are *dozens* ways to get a desirable .wav file. The point of this article is about getting music *and* being 100% sure (well, hopefully) not to have problems with law because of it, which is a non-trivial feat nowadays.

  2. alexaanyme alexaanyme
    April 25, 2016    

    But…if i wanna use …let’s say Rather be…?
    How can i not get copyright???

    • April 25, 2016    

      Find it in the Ad-supported section (the interface might have changed since screenshots for this article were made, but the functionality is still there), and if it’s “available with ads”, you can do it. You may still get a “Matches Third Party Content” warning and you can’t monetize your video, but it will be shown.

      And if the song counts as “Restricted” (if there’s more than one entry, you better check several of them and take “the pessimistic average” answer) you better get accustomed to the idea that not everything you desire should be granted.

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