Add Life to your MMD soundtrack with Laughter and Applause! VDE-3!

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.comHow can I make my MMD video sound like it’s in front of a live audience? How can I add audience applause to my MMD video? Where can I get applause for my MMD animation soundtrack?

Add Life to your MMD soundtrack
with Laughter and Applause!

I am starting to work on my “Gotta Sing… Gotta DANCE!” VDE-3 entry… and I always start with the soundtrack. I selected my song… put a test video of it onto YouTube to see if they would complain… I waited about half-a-day…  and then I found that YouTube had accepted my use of the song.

YouTUbe "approves" my music"... at least not complaining!

Let the FUN commence!

I use the free software AUDACITY to edit my sound files and export WAV files for MikuMikuDance.

The song I had chosen had a long instrumental “intro”, a long instrumental “break” in the middle, and a bunch of artful clatter at the end of the piece… using Audacity, I simply cut those bits out of my new version of the song. My song went from nearly four minutes down to about exactly 2-1/2 minutes… perfect!

I then used a couple of my old WAV files for Laughter and Applause as a way to add some life to my MMD animation. NOW it sounds like it’s actually on-stage in front of a live audience! … or, at least, like it has a laugh-track and an applause-track!

I added laughter and applause tracks using Audacity software.

YOU can DOWNLOAD my “Laughter and Applause” tracks…

Just visit the downloads page on… and download “Reggies WAVs.ZIP”


It’s amazing how adding laughter and applause “lightens-up” the whole piece… makes it very friendly.

NOW I am looking for some MACHO MMD men models for my stage performance… TOUGH to FIND tough guys for MMD…!

So far, I have a “cheap nightclub” stage (by Trackdancer Productions), my TDA Gakupo model and a couple of stand-ins just to help me visualize my project.

It’s “still early days”… I am looking forward to seeing WHAT I come up with as my project develops… I know that it will evolve quite a bit as I get into this MMD animation.

Have FUN with MikuMikuDance!


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