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Use The Background AVI to Make Realistic Animations in MMD

How do you create realistic motion data in MMD? How do get models to move better in MikuMikuDance? How do you use the background AVI to make motion data? Use The Background AVI to Make Realistic Animations in MMD. “How do you make realistic motion data in MMD?” is one of the most asked questions […]


Create Wing Flapping Motion for Teto Chimera MMD 7.39

Give the Animasa Teto Chimera a wing flapping motion in MMD 7.39

How can I make Teto Chimera fly? How do I make a wing flapping motion? Where can I download Chimera Teto? Winging It! … How to Animate Wings in MMD Most models have no wings. They walk, they run…but they don’t fly! Rarely do you come across a model with large, working wings. Take the […]


How to Load Models, Motion, and Music Data into MikuMikuDance


How do I load Models, Motion, and Music data files in MikuMikuDance?  How do I load motion data in MMD? How do I use the Reverse button? How to load models in MMD directX 9. How do I get started with MMD? How to load Models, Motion, and Music data in MikuMikuDance When you first loaded MMD into your […]


Load Camera Motion Data VMD files using the File Menu in MMD

How do I load camera motion data in MMD?  How do I make MMD camera data work? What is MikuMikuDance camera data? What is a camera.vmd? Lights! Camera! Action! How to Load Camera Motion Data When you started your MMD collection, I hope you noticed that some of your motion data downloads included a .vmd […]

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