MMD MME Rhinestone effect adds sparkle to your models!

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.comHow do I use the MME Rhinestone effect? Where can I download the Rhinestone effect? Can I use Subset-extract to control the effect?

The MME Rhinestone effect…
…adds sparkle to your models!

The Rhinestone effect v002 looks great and is easy to use. Download it here (it’s the top one in that list).

When you follow that link, it takes you to THIS page…

When you click the MME Rhinestone effect download link, you are taken to an intermediate page... click that Japanese download button.

… and then to this one…

Then click THIS download button to actually start the download.

… and now your zip-folder should be downloaded. EXTRACT ALL using Bandizip.

I always read the README file for permissions and instructions. I have translated the ReadMe.text file for you to download here. When you read it, you can see that all you do is load-up your model… go to the MME Effect Mapping and apply Rhinestone.fx to your model. … and you will want to add Autoluminous for more “sparkle”! (I enjoyed how, in the ReadMe, this effect is referred to as the Lame effect… I believe the word is “Lamé”… as in “gold lamé”.)

Looks kind of funny…

Miku... sporting the MME Rhinestone effect... all over her body!… with Rhinestones all over your model! When you apply the MME Rhinestone effect it COVERS your entire model with the sparkles.

… so use Subset-Extract

… to apply that effect to only parts of your model. Don’t apply the effect to your whole model. Instead, go to Effect Mapping and Right-click your model and choose Subset-Extract.

Use subset-extract to apply the MME Rhinestone effect to only PARTS of your model.

Then experiment, a little, by turning off and on the various parts of your model until you find the very part you wish to Rhinestone.

... determine which parts of your model will get the effect...

Turn ’em all back on, again and apply Rhinestone.fx to only those subsets you choose.

Apply the MME Rhinestone Effect to those parts that you want to Sparkle!

Add Autoluminous!

For a real "Las Vegas Show-biz" effect, turn-up the Autoluminous effect!

To make those rhinestones “Pop!”, turn on Autoluminous. Adjusting the Si size of Autoluminous will adjust the brightness of the sparkles.

and … there’s more!

Read the details in that ReadMe… looks like you can adjust the color of the sparkles… and adjust other attributes, as well.

Have fun with the Rhinestone Effect!



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