Welcome to the Making Your First Model Using Blender by LearnMMD's mae Blythe!
A featured article by LearnMMD's Mae Blythe!How can I use Blender to make a model for MMD? What are the steps for creating an MMD model from scratch using Blender? How can I make a selfie-model for MMD? How do I use Blender? 

Making Your First Model Using Blender
by LearnMMD's Mae Blythe

Welcome to my tutorial showing you how to use Blender to create an MMD model from scratch!
Model-making is a complicated process and it will take quite awhile and quite a bit of experimentation on your part for you to create your finished model.

This is NOT a Blender instruction tutorial... I expect that you can already USE Blender, to some degree...
... as we get into Part 2 of this model-making tutorial, I will give you some links to nice online tutorials that will show you the basics of using Blender.
You must have a handle on Blender before you start my tutorial, here.

I have broken the process of creating your MMD model into bite-sized pieces:
  1. Franken-reference
  2. Setting-up Blender
  3. Modeling the Lower Body
  4. Modeling the Upper Body
  5. Face Tutorial
  6. Modeling Bangs
  7. Modeling Hair
  8. Modeling Clothes
  9. Modeling the Shoes
  10. Adding the Accessories
  11. Adding the Facial Details
  12. Assigning Materials in Blender
  13. Prepping the UV / AO Images for Texturing
  14. Importing your Model into PMXe
  15. An Explanation of Bones
  16. Adding Bones
  17. Weighting the Model
  18. Anyone know how to add skirt physics?
  19. Adding Hair Physics
  20. I can’t Physics 2, Please Help Me
  21. Adding Facials in Blender
  22. Adding More Complex Facials
  23. Sanitizing the Display Panel
  24. Explaining Spheres, Toons, and Textures
  25. Creating Textures
  26. Creating Toons and Spheres
  27. Troubleshooting Your Model
  28. Releasing Your Model
Wow! ... What a lot of work... what a lot of Learning!

Good luck on your project!
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