Introducing MikuMikuMoving … MMM!

See all of the articles by LearnMMD's Kurea Urusuta!What is MMM? Where can I get MikuMikuMoving? Does Miku Miku Moving work just like MikuMikuDance? Can I use all of my MMD files with MMM? Can MMM play my saved MMD dances?

Introducing MikuMikuMoving … MMM!

Miku Miku Moving (MMM for short) is a newer version that is similar to MMD but has more additions to it.

MikuMikuMoving is interesting competition for MikuMikuDance!MMM can allow you to insert text, subtitles/captions in frames and it can read mp3’s now! Say goodbye to converting WAVs!
When downloaded, MMM takes a while to load-up and once it has loaded, you’ll see that it looks completely different from MMD. But it’s actually the same; it’s just set up in a completely different way.

The MikuMikuMoving GUI looks complicated! ... but maybe some MMDers will like it better ... ?

Tabs are still up at the top: we have FILE, that still imports models, motions to a model, accessories, AVI video’s, poses, effects, VSQ and music that are on the icons down in the bottom left. Effects are already usable once you get this program … but it is not MME! The program only uses MMM effects. The MMM program includes the ability to use effects … MMM effects.

But there are some effects that you can use from MME. Such as:


Only a few MME’s can work.

The other tabs allow you to edit in the “Edit” tab, reverse and paste bones etc in the “Bones” tab, use the self shadow, soften it and even switch the screen to black or white in the “Screen” tab.

The “View” tab turns off the axis, shows the captions, positions the camera to the front, back, left, right, up that also displays down the bottom right corner, and even views the model, bone and camera.

Work on physics in the “Physics” tab, works with Kinect, Oculus Rift, Plugins and on the “Help” tab, you can switch the program to Japanese and even gives you online help!

What is better is that if you click on the MMM icon on the top left, it allows you to save your work and backup your files! When your project is saved, it will be saved as an MPJ file. MikuMikuMoving will not be able to load up PMM files. But motion data, poses and the models used in MMD are still usable!

Guess what? Now there is a play and stop button … which acts like “Pause” during Playback! When pressing the play icon, the icon becomes a stop icon so you can now stop your video and it does no longer go back to the start! To go back, you can go to the “Start from the Beginning icon” or go to the frames and type in the number “0”. In the left top corner in the “Audio box”, as you can see, you can switch to audio which includes the motion, plugin, captions, effect and sequence to work on those in frames and you’ll have track 0, 1, 2 and 3. You can also follow bones or models with the camera as well.

If MMD seems uncomfortable to you, you can try out MMM and see if you like it! BUT … MMM is still new, so you’ll be expecting errors or bugs that will need to be fixed.

You can download MikuMikuMoving from the link on the LearnMMD “DOWNLOADS” Page!



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