Use Proper MMD Etiquette When Using New Models and Accessories

What is the MMD etiquette when it comes to sharing intellectual property online? How do I know if it’s OK to share my models? I downloaded a new model, can I use it in a video. Can I put a link to my new model on my web page? What is redistribute a model?  Are there rules for sharing MMD models?
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Use Proper MMD Etiquette When Using New Models and Accessories

Materials, images and files shared on the web A new model: Kasuga by Basarabecome public property, available to all. But graphic artists, designers, musicians, and programmers put their hearts and souls into their creations and, so, deserve our admiration and our total respect for their products.

Please read this article: for a complete set of established ethics and rules for redistribution of private property. Follow the guidelines: Don’t give MMD users a bad name!

When you find something … a new model, an accessory, or a whatever … on the web that you download for your use in MMD, please give a list of credits identifying the sources of your finds. Check out the info sections included with the videos on YouTube and see that many DO include a list of sources and credits for their models, music, and etc. We should all strive to emulate that behavior … know that the items you use were developed by others and give them their recognition.

Crimrose by Cyberstep, Inc.Keeping track of your sources on the web is tough! I have started to keep a WORD screen open as I surf the web so that I can jot down notes and copy/paste page info as I go. It’s easy to dive into some pages, follow links, and finally “score” a new model … and then move on to look for the next one … forgetting exactly how or where you found the previous one. Don’t let that happen … be organized! It is important to keep the source info of your models and accessories. Save a written note in the file folder along with the character/model files. Using proper MMD etiquette is important and fair to the creators within the MMD community.Tough for most Americans to read!

And … sometimes the page you find is in Japanese and you can’t read the page info. Check back to your previous pages. There must be some info, in English, that lead you to the Japanese page. Try to put the pieces together so that you can give credit to whom the credit is due. Learn more about navigation on Japanese pages.


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