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Set up Kinect 360 motion capture for MMD!

How do I set up Kinect 360 to do motion capture for MMD? Which Kinect do I need to work with MMD? What software do I need to connect Kinect to MMD? Can I use Windows 10 with the Kinect 360 for MMD motion capture? Ever wondered if you could use motion capture with MMD? […]


Win 7 Virtual Machine Runs MMD on MAC and Linux

How can I run MMD on a MAC? Find out how a virtual machine runs MMD on a MAC. How do I setup a virtual machine to run MikuMikuDance on a MAC? Windows 7 Virtual Machine runs MMD MikuMikuDance on MAC or Linux! After I wrote my post on “Why MMD cannot run on MAC […]


Make an effect start at a certain frame

How do I make an effect start in a certain frame? How can I turn an effect on and off? How to Make an Effect Start at a Certain Frame You have effects like cave cannon and many different kinds of effects that are running during MMD all the time, you can either turn them […]


Professionally made models FOUND!

Sometimes… we wish that we could have the models in Project DIVA, Mitchie M’s Burenai Ai de, Arcade Future Tone, and use them, for once… BUT, that’s going to happen right now! Professionally made models FOUND! After months and months of searching and searching, looking for the best riggers and model makers in deviantArt, I […]


Exporting VSQX to VSQ for MMD!

In MMD, there is an option to use a VSQ VOCALOID project file for your lip motion without having to make your lip motion by hand! However, VSQ files are only project files from VOCALOID 2. In VOCALOID 3 or higher, there is a plugin available to you so you can export VSQX (VOCALOID 3 […]


Why MMD Does not run on Apple Computers

Why can’t I run MikuMikuDance on my Apple computer? MMD will not run on Apple computers.   LearnMMD’s Kazuki Matsuoka tells us her Opinions on Mac Computers To all Apple and MAC users, MMD doesn’t support your operating system and I will explain why. Windows has an operating system that includes CAD. It runs 3D […]

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