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Miku Miku Dance requires Skill … and you get that through Practice!

Practice, practice, practice! Learning how to do Ask questions... get answers!... email LearnMMD's Reggie DEverything WELL requires practice. Keep working and send me your .pmm files so that I can see how you are doing. Let’s talk!



Here are some HOMEWORK EXERCISES to practice …


  • Create a simple “Jump Dance” that starts with your character standing off-center on the stage. Make the model squat a bit in preparation for the jump. Lift her up for a high jump. Land her in a squat position “to absorb the landing with her knees” … and then let her recoil into another small jump. Keep working on it until it looks lifelike.
  • Add a photo background to the Jump Dance and also some Camera moves to make it funny or interesting.
  • Work on using the many facial adjustments that are available. Maybe make the model mouth some particular words … use your imagination … “How are you” “I love you” “Get the #$%*! away from me!” Go for happy looks … mad looks … questioning looks. Play with all of those adjustments mixed together. The possibilities are endless.
  • Work on creating a Walk motion. See the Downloads Page for my WalkTest6RD.pmm file. You can play that on MMD and, also, play WITH it. Please rename the file if you make changes to it. That RD in the file name is for me: Reggie Dentmore.
  • LEARN the MMD ETHICS about downloading, sharing, and altering MikiMikuDance Models and Accessories. Read this page: http://mikumikudance.wikia.com/wiki/MMD:Ethics and be responsible as you collect and use new characters. READ MY ARTICLE regarding MMD Etiquette.
  • Keep Track of the Sources of your downloaded models and accessories.  Yellow PV LAT Miku downloaded from a MMD Newcomers find on YouTube.Start a Spreadsheet or a WORD document that allows you to list your models and their creators and websites … a sheet you can refer to when you want to credit the authors/creators of your models, music, motions, and accessories.


  1. hi hi
    November 13, 2017    

    Just wondering
    i have a part that has some things i don’t like on it. How do i remove a certain part of a part (lol) in pmx editor?

  2. xd xd
    October 25, 2017    

    how do i get bones to stick to a mesh i pmx editor? i loaded the bones and the mesh, saved it, and the bones are seprate when i load them, and the mesh won’t move..

  3. girlygamer4life girlygamer4life
    July 11, 2017    

    how do I get my PMX models to open in MMD? I’ve tried converting them and I can’t work it out.

  4. January 9, 2017    

    can you help me? I cant open my AVI file to MMD, can you help????

    • Mari Mari
      February 27, 2017    

      it has to be a Microsoft Avi file

    • itoly256 itoly256
      June 23, 2017    

      AVI files have to have a specific codec/encoder. That codec is Microsoft Video 1. You can use Prism Video Files Converter for it.

  5. LetsPlaySwapna! fun (yt channel name) LetsPlaySwapna! fun (yt channel name)
    October 12, 2016    

    I just started useing MMD homework so yea

    • Olivia Olivia
      December 23, 2016    

      me too so

  6. Reisen-chan Reisen-chan
    September 12, 2016    

    Your tutorials really helped a lot :^D even if i already knew some basics i improved so fast! i’m really grateful, for all these tutorials!!! ^o^
    Now i must get a better codec than MPJPEG u3u (?) i wished my computer could stand the ones shown in here :^( oh well, for now i’m fine with that xD
    Again, thank you sooooo much!

  7. Unknown Unknown
    August 2, 2016    

    Thanks, Reggie! I couldn’t have done anything without the help! Without it, I’d still be trying to figure out how to save a motion data or something! >.<

  8. samantha doyle samantha doyle
    April 3, 2016    

    I am trying to save a frame but I can’t save it. Does anybody know how to do this?

    • April 3, 2016    

      Register button

      • Kitty Kat Kitty Kat
        April 5, 2016    

        Hey, umm how do I like make the motion to play it. Just wondering cause I learned what I need and I’m ready to make a video. Help?

        • April 5, 2016    
          • Kitty Kat Kitty Kat
            April 6, 2016    

            I already did the homework and practiced. Everything looks life-like, just wondering how to save a video file.

            • Lilly Lilly
              April 6, 2016    

              File > Save AVI File

              • Kitty Kat Kitty Kat
                July 29, 2016    

                Ya, but it said it was missing some document file or something. Any ideas?

                • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
                  July 29, 2016    

                  What, exactly, did the message say? … MMDxShow.dll? … or? use the little Search window on our pages to search for one or two key words… like the name of that missing file. You may find some help there.

                  • Kitty Kat Kitty Kat
                    August 2, 2016    

                    Thank You So Much! :D

            • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
              April 6, 2016    

              Take a look at the BoBeepBoBeep article… it covers the whole process of creating an MMD video. Near the end of the article, it gets into saving your video, rendering to AVI video, and how to post to YouTube. … Enjoy MMD! … Feel free to ask questions!

              • Unknown Unknown
                August 9, 2016    

                Hello. I tried rendering the video into avi. file and a message telling me I’m missing the MMDxShow.dll or something and I tried fixing it with the dl you put up on the downloads page. Yet, that STILL didn’t work. I also have the latest version of MMD. Help?

                • August 9, 2016    

                  Do you use 32 or 64-bit of MMD? The downloads page offers MMDxShow.dll for both cases, but you only need the correct one.

                  • Unkown Unkown
                    August 11, 2016    

                    32-bit and it worked! Thanks! :D

  9. Baleigh williams Baleigh williams
    February 27, 2016    

    Hello, im trying to make a mmd video…but Im getting a error that says you need a newer version of mmd. Please help.

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      February 28, 2016    

      Hmmm… never seen that error mentioned before. At what point do you get THAT error?… Is MMD running OK for you and THEN you get that error when you do what?

    • parkeerwacht parkeerwacht
      February 28, 2016    

      huh thats weird… I also haven`t heard of it…
      May I have a screenshot of it?

  10. Help me. Help me.
    January 1, 2016    

    When I try to open MMD (I’m on Windows 10.) it says, The program can’t start because d3dx9_32.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program the fix this problem. I’ve downloaded it 4 times and I keep getting the error. Please help!

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      January 1, 2016    

      Download the DirectX 9c update from our Downloads page. Your computer may say you already have a newer version installed… but go ahead and install this old one. MMD needs these old DLLs.

      • Tau Tau
        January 26, 2016    

        Get the 64 bit version bruh I had problems like that too. trust me. get 64 bit version

    • Guenez Guenez
      January 9, 2016    

      Comment on fait les bonhomme
      — How do you make a man? —

    • parkeerwacht parkeerwacht
      January 27, 2016    

      Try to install this package:

      If that won`t work or it gives an error that says create device failed. Then your system probably isn`t cabable of running MMD

    • Kareem Abdo Kareem Abdo
      February 8, 2016    

      ill help: go on google and serch the dll file and open dll fixer then dl and put the dll file in the folder then pop! you have mmd

      • Kareem Abdo (One year later) Kareem Abdo (One year later)
        February 6, 2017    


  11. Kris Kris
    November 1, 2015    

    Um.. the models won’t open no matter what? It’s in the folder but it says “Not for PolygonMovieMaker”. What’s going on?

    • gamerigirl gamerigirl
      December 12, 2015    

      It might be your models itself, like if you have the oldest version of mmd then the models haved to be PMD,but if you have the latest version of mmd then it will take both PMD and PMX then you should never have that problem again

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      December 13, 2015    

      Might also be the idea that you do not use FILE>OPEN to load a model. You have to use the LOAD button on the lower left area of your screen.

      • Ayano U. Ayano U.
        March 25, 2016    

        HI !its me again. i have the same problem but there are no files to be shown when i want to put a model on MMD. Ive downloaded a model from deviant art just for testing purposes but it dosent show. I also have Bandi.zip but when i open it, it says ” unknown file format”. Same with PMX editor too, when i click on the file it wont open too. to put it simply i cant open a model file anywhere.
        ( i have the newest version of MMD FYI) Thanks!

        • parkeerwacht parkeerwacht
          March 25, 2016    

          Have you unpacked the archive into a subfolder of the Models folder in UserFile? Since you can’t open the ZIP in MMD XD
          Also use the load button in the model manipulation panel in the bottom left corner. open up the PMD/PMX file

          • Ayano U. Ayano U.
            March 25, 2016    

            i do the load model thing. The software dosent let me unpack the model file it just says ” unknown file format”. I dont think ive created another folder for model. I try to unpack it too, but i cant do that..

            • March 25, 2016    

              What is the file you’re trying to unpack and where did you download it?

              • Ayano U. Ayano U.
                March 26, 2016    

                its a model file called : Model DL :. Tda Megane VFlower. i downloaded it from deviant art for testing purposes.

                • March 27, 2016    

                  I found the model on dA and it opens to me fine. Does the file you downloaded have .zip extension? How big it is in bytes (correct size: 24 851 234)? Have you tried to open it with something other apart Bandizip?

                  • Ayano U. Ayano U.
                    March 27, 2016    

                    The file does have a zip. extension but when i downloaded it , it went to my file explorer. i haven’t tried opening on anything else except bandizip. I don’t know the size in bytes but its showing the kilo bytes ( 5,196 is the size and compressed size if you need it is 2,605)

                  • Ayano U. Ayano U.
                    March 27, 2016    

                    I GOT IT TO WORKK!! joy. only thing is that its showing the skeleton of the model no clothes or anything like that.. is that supposed to happen?

                    • March 28, 2016    

                      No, not really. Is it exactly nothing except the skeleton, or is it a white silhouette (possibly with a couple of black bands) that the skeleton is showing through? If the latter, then it’s likely that you haven’t got the full package of the model after all, and it lacks necessary textures. Redownload the archive, it must contain 31 files inside.

  12. Luka Luka
    October 4, 2015    

    Konnichiwa! ^-^

    I’ve been surfing the Internet and I saw an mmd dance called Poker Face using all the Kagamines’ models, Rin, Len, Rinto and Lenka. When I clicked on the “load” button, I saw that you can only load Rin and Len, not Rinto and Lenka. Is there a place on this website where I can download more Voca/Utauloids? I look forward to reading your response!

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      October 4, 2015    

      Nope! … You will have to search for those models… maybe search Deviant Art… The source for those models may be in the credits or in the description of the video you reference.

  13. kiskisbella kiskisbella
    August 3, 2015    

    I’ve been using MMD for a while now, and was working on doing different types of movements to animate, then all of a sudden MMD won’t open. I’ve tried right-clicking and then pressing open, but that didn’t work either. Do you know what might be happening, or should I just redownload MMD all together?

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      August 4, 2015    

      If you DO download MMD again… unzip that new download and drag-and-drop only the new MikuMikuDance.exe file into your old MMD folder and click YES to allow your computer to replace the old file with the new file…. that way you will keep your old files intact.

  14. June 16, 2015    

    Please help me!
    How can I convert youtube video links to AVI 1 for MMD? Ive been trying to open a AVI file in the background But i get the same message.. “Cannot open avi file”

    At first I just converted to a regular AVI, that didnt work.
    Where can I convert to AVI 1???
    Email me this response please! :)

  15. Katie Suarez Katie Suarez
    May 30, 2015    

    HOW DO U FREAKIN DO THE ANIMATION ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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