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BeamMan’s Water Effects really look wet!

BeamMan’s Water Effects really look wet!

Getting the most out of BeamMan’s Water Effects BeamMan’s Water Effect MMEs are pretty nifty, but they are not just for creating bodies of water. You can actually do a whole lot more with them than is immediately apparent! NOTE: Just tap on the photos to see them full size. This goes for the videos […]


Beamman’s Water v5 Effect needs Editing before you can use it!

How do I get Beamman’s Water v5 effect to work? All I get is a white square. How do you use Beamman’s Water v5 Effect? Is there a trick to making it work? Beamman’s Water v5 Effect is beautiful… but you have to fix it before you can use it! I was asked, today, about […]

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