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A MikuMikuDance Beginner’s Easy First Dance

Is there an easy first dance? How do I move Miku in MikuMikuDance? How do I make a smooth motion in Miku Miku Dance? LearnMMD MikuMikuDance Tutorials. What do I do first? What can I do first? Easy dance.Visit LearnMMD's Video Channel on YouTube: Videos by Reggie Dentmore.

A Little Beginner’s “Jump Dance” to get you started …

When you open MikuMikuDance for the first time, you want to “do something” right away … and this simple jump dance is an easy first dance!

Select “New” from the File drop down. Then, from the small brown Model Manipulation Panel, choose LOAD … and pick a character … Miku Hatsune ? “:o).  Click OK on the pop-up and see Miku standing there simply aglow with red and blue bones! See that the one bone that is RED is already selected for you. That is the Center bone … a key bone in controlling most characters. See on the Bone Chart … on the far left upper area of the screen … that CENTER is highlighted. At any time you can select any bone you wish by clicking its name on that chart.

With the Center bone selected on the chart, go to the blue Bone Manipulation screen, click the MOVE button. Note that all the bones disappear and you have direction arrows on Miku. At this time we are only going to use the Green arrowhead. Click and drag that arrowhead and see how your character automatically bends at the knees or seems ready to fly as you move her up and down.

Important to click the correct Register button!

Use THIS Register
CLICK for large image

Set up the starting position with Miku standing at ease. See that the frame counter is at Zero. See that the Center bone is still highlighted and click Register to finish that frame. You will see the white Diamond by Center turn RED when it registered. Advance the frame counter to about frame 20. Move the green arrow down to make Miku crouch until her knees are just above her ankles. Click Register. Advance the frame counter to 30 and move the center bone up until Miku is a foot, or two, above the floor and click Register. Advance the frame counter to 40 and lower Miku into a half-crouch and click Register. Move the frame counter to 45 and raise Miku to stand on her tip-toes and click Register. Advance the frame counter to 50 and place Miku in about the same position as frame zero. Click Register.

On the lower right of the main screen is the Play button. Try it out. Check the Repeat check box next to that Play button and watch the nice motion. SAVE the file with a name you choose … FirstDance ?

Below Play is a range window. This determines how many frames are in your animation. We only animated out to Frame 50 … but we can enter a bigger number to add a pause after that last Registered movement. Set the range to 75 and play … and play with repeat to see the effect of those extra frames. Set the range to 50 and the animation will look as it did. Click SAVE. Practice … practice … to learn how to do everything!



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  1. Sophia Sophia
    June 8, 2018    

    Ouh.. Whe i clickload, i can notpickmiku hatsune, it takes me to my files. can anyboyget me a dl for an easy model that works? (I tried 2 models,but i don’tthink they were the croorect file format)

    • Reggie_Dentmore Reggie_Dentmore
      June 8, 2018    

      Yes… You click LOAD and it takes you to your files… navigate to your MMD folder>UserFile>Model>Miku Hatsune
      It’s very easy… best of luck.

  2. Ianon Ianon
    April 26, 2016    

    Is there a way to set the FPS before rendering? Don’t you need to know what FPS it’s playing at in order to animate a dance in-sync with music?

    • April 26, 2016    

      MMD to AVI rendering settings
      Yes, you can, and no, you don’t need it.

      • Ianon Ianon
        April 27, 2016    

        But how do you tell if it’s in-sync then? Is the only way to lock the FPS at 30 or 60? What if I want 24?

        • April 27, 2016    

          And why would you want such a thing?

          MMD’s 30 fps is a standard you use when outlining your video. When rendering, the engine uses an arbitrary setting, completely unrelated to the former. Apart from 30 and 60 settings used by YouTube, though, I don’t see a point in using any other.

          • Ianon Ianon
            April 27, 2016    

            My point is, how do I know what frame a beat is on?

            • April 27, 2016    

              You work with *MMD* on assumption of 30 fps framerate as if you were not going to use a different framerate. As if there were no other framerates in the universe. Ever. Then the *rendering* part will take care of itself.

              • Ianon Ianon
                April 28, 2016    

                I see, thank you!

  3. Basil Basil
    September 13, 2015    

    Every time I try it, nothing happens ;-;
    I remember a long time ago, I did this, but I can’t do it anymore. When I hit “play” after doing all of this, little to nothing happens. Sometimes the move a little bit, but they don’t jump. Can someone help??

    • ATotalNewbie ATotalNewbie
      October 9, 2015    

      Did you type in the frame number? You need to use the arrows near the frame manipulation box.

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