15-Second MMD animation “Smash Walkin’ “

A Feature Article by Reggie Dentmore on LearnMMD.comWhy would I make a 15-second MMD animation? What can you do in only 450 frames?

15-Second MMD animation:
“Smash Walkin'”

I’ve got no excuse.

This started out to be a 15-second animation showing Rin walking through the school. I loaded Rin and added that Mahlazer walking motion … then I added that school stage (credits are below). I customized the Rin model by adding a motherbone... so I could use Mahlazer’s “walking in place” and move Rin across the courtyard.

Then… I found out that, in only 450 frames, she could not walk very far. So… change of plan: I had her walking across that courtyard… not very exciting… So I decided to add Miku and Neru who would swivel their upper-body and head bones to watch Rin as she walked by. … still, not very exciting.

I needed “something” to liven things up…

So, I added the hammer…

a 15-Second MMD animation is fun to make... and can still take HOURS!

… not very exciting… …  until the last moment!

A new meme??

Violent, right? … Ehhh… not so much, really. … Funny? … makes ME laugh! I think that as long as they stay “fun”… there can be a lot of creativity, here. Just don’t make ’em splashy-graphic! The “fun” will be gone. Keep ’em simple and clean.

Those are the original models included in the MMD 9.31 download… except I did add a motherbone to Rin.

The hammer is smilecat98‘s “MMD Super Smash Bros. Hammer” found here: http://smilecat98.deviantart.com/art/…

The music is a much chopped-up bit of a piano riff I found on a “free music” site a few years ago… sorry I cannot leave a credit. That saved bit was already 15-seconds long… all I did was load it and smile. You can download that riff: https://learnmmd.com/wp-content/uploa…

The stage is Harner Productions “MMD inside of School” DEVIANT USER: ShikaneNara

Have fun with MikuMikuDance!



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